Omg I Need Help!!!

  1. My son painted in my new ulysse Blue Jean Agenda with a Ball Point Penin the Inside. I´m so pissed right now i could cry. I tried to remove it with Hairspray and water but that doesn´t works. PLEASE LADY`S HELP ME!!!:cursing:
  2. These things happen, luckily it was an agenda and on the inside!! You will look back at these ball point marks with great fondness in years to come. These events, though slightly annoying when it happens, end up being happy reminders of our young ones. :heart::heart:
  3. Oh My!!! I don't know how to help but I feel your pain. Hopefully someone will post a solution to your dilemma now!!
    Just stay strong...
    Its going to be okay, I am sure there is a way!!
  4. I called my SA a second ago and she told me i have no chance to remove it. the only thing that i can do is i can buy a new ulysse. HAHA HOW FUNNY!!!!
  5. I always thought hairspray took out ball point pen. Maybe spray a lot of it so it gets the ink wet again than right after clean with leather cleaner.
  6. How nice of your SA to find away to make a new sale for herself. Very kind.

    I would use leather cleaners after the hairspray and if that doesn't work take it to a shoe repair place. If they can get stains and tar etc off someones shoes they can get ink off leather. At this point if the SA is telling you there is no hope you can't make it worse.
  7. O my,

    I'm so sorry....
    My son&daughter wrote over allover the couch, I tried everything, no luck I then bought No Bull leather cleaner and it took it all off..

    I have succesfully used this on Hermes bags too, maybe it will work for you.
  8. yes i will try these things. but i´m so pissed, my first Hermés buy is ruined. :cursing:
  9. It might not be ruined yet, there is still hope. We'll all keep our fingers crossed.
  10. You still might get it out.... and .... I know it is not very helpful but it is what kids do, very annoying.... I have banished almost all pens here :smile:
  11. Birkinfan--Awww. I "ruined" my one checkbook cover on the inside with an ink pen awhile ago. Thank God, it wasn't a H piece or I'd be panicking, because the ink still won't come off. Now, I like to say it gives it character. ;)

    I hope you can get the stain out. :smile:
  12. I hope, yes Kids.
  13. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope it comes out, birkinfan! Pls. let us know what happens!!!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  14. Arg!! Maybe your son will be a great artist someday!!!

    I know that this is very painful now but in time you will cherish it as a memory of your child when small.
    Try to remember what is most important - the time you spend with him.
  15. Yes i know that is not that most important in my life, but i worked so hard to get this Ulysse. But i love my son he´s 2 years old and maybe he will be a artist.;)