OMG I need help! Life or death!!!!!!!

  1. Okay, maybe not life or death, but damn near close. I'm going to be buying a bag, but what I want I don't know. I'm torn between 3 different ones! Help me please!!!!!

    Bag 1

    Red Patent Ergo Hobo - Great rare bag, but no wallet to match and no way to clean it beyond a damp cloth.

    Bag 2

    Jade Cotton Large Carly - Very bright large bag, but everything would fall to the bottom and would be prone to dirt.

    Bag 3

    Jade Cotton Legacy Satchel - Very large and I love the polished brass hardware, but prone to dirt and the straps are not long enough to fit on the shoulder when full.
  2. I pick the red only because I don't dig the jade stuff that much. :shrugs:
  3. Def. the jade carly. The patent is so fugly IRL. And I personally think the satchel is a bit bulky. But thats just my opinion.
  4. I vote red patent, especially if you're worried about dirt on the others...
  5. I have the large denim Carly and I LOVE her. I was at the Coach outlet today and the SA's were drooling over her. It is a large bag but I don't find it too heavy and because it opens wide you can see everything inside the bag. The Carly has my vote!
  6. Patent, and it's easier to clean than you think.
  7. I vote for the red patent leather functional and beautiful!
  8. Red patent. I think it would make a lot of outfits.
  9. Red Patent Ergo Hobo gets my vote -- so red and shiny, but still functional and useful.
  10. Red patent ergo....
  11. Red patent
  12. patent is very easy to clean. all you have to do is wipe it clean, that's it, it stays great.

    definitely the patent, plus its a year round bag, the jade isn't
  13. bah. DH just said he hates the way the Patent Ergo looks. He said it looks like bag from JC Pennys when he saw my manager carrying her black one. This is so hard!
  14. Who's carrying this bag? You or your husband? :graucho::p
  15. Actually when I'm in the fitting room he has to carry my bag :p