OMG- I need help... is this a NEW tattersall bag hiding?

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  1. I see that but I don't know which bag that is. It isn't listed on any of the sites.
  2. Im lost. I cant seem to see it.:shrugs:
  3. hmmmm interesting... I see the bag on the link that you provided, but can't find it anywhere? :confused1:
  4. Oh o.k. I see what you are talking about. Thats the tattersall travel satchel its huge. Someone here already has it.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. In an old Tattersall print? It doesn't look like the one I saw in the new tattersall print.

  7. No its the new tattersall
  8. .

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  9. This is why I hate ads!
  10. Coachfreak, do you have the Eugenia tattersall hat?
  11. Yes, I got it at the Legacy store last month. It is in the collage below.