OMG; I need an intervention.

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  1. In the past THREE WEEKS I have purchased the following;

    Coach Bag (Coach Outlet) $150
    Tods Bag (ELuxury) $400
    LV Mono Petite Noe ( Ebay) $275
    LV Speedy 30 ( Ebay) $415

    Not to mention;

    Coach silk scarf $50
    Coach Soho Wallet $50
    Coach leather/cashmere gloves $55 (they were a steal!)
    Coach merino wool scarf ($30; another steal!)

    Some of you may be saying; oh, what is the big deal? Well, if my husband knew he would KICK MY ASS (okay, not literally but he would be upset).

    We are a one income family. I gave up my career to stay at home with my children. We live comfortably but not enough to justify spending almost $1500 in a few weeks.

    I was ready to purchase a Botkier bag today when my best friend was here. Luckily she talked me out of it.

    Can anyone else relate? I think I need a 10 step program!!! :sad:

    Did not mean to be a downer. I am just curious if anyone else is in a similar situation. :shame:
  2. I am sure wickedassasin will be here in no time to help you out ;)

    If your spending is not hurting you or your family then it is okay to indulge every once in a while.

    Regret is such a 4-letter word, and I find it really ruins the joy of enjoying new things. :biggrin:
  3. Seriously though - if you feel that your spending has "strapped" your family then maybe you should return a purchase or 2; it is NO FUN to have to hide things from your hubby...only you can assess whether your shopping was harmful or just indulgent.

    Good luck.

    Oh - I did buy 2 balenciagas this week, off of Ebay, paid cash - feel good about it.
  4. YES! i must confess to buying 3 LV and one B-Bag in the pat two weeks. i am a purse pig. it is an illness. there is no cure. intervention may be needed. :sad2:
  5. Purse pig!! Thank you for the laugh!! I really needed one now. :lol:
  6. oink
  7. No longer a one income family but I did the same stuff. I passed on the purchase if I had other bills to consider. If I could swing it I would go for it.

    Reading that list the Ebay purchases were the most expensive and probably can't be returned. You could consider the hide them in the closet plan and don't purchase anything until fall.
  8. Better have wickedassasin put you on a tight leash right now!! :lol:
  9. I think that should be enough to hold you over for a while ;) Just think about how much you want to enjoy each bag you bought, instead of focusing on your next purchase. That's helped me some with controlling my spending. I'll think "Jeez, I just bought this Balenciaga, and I'm already looking at (insert bag here). I haven't even had the chance to carry the Balenciaga for that long." That usually works :biggrin:
  10. If this problem was like eating too much cake I would suggest putting dish soap on it! lol... But if you enjoy what you buy and you can afford to do so I say let them eat cake!
  11. I feel your pain Becca,
    We're a mostly one income family ( I sub)..and we don't make much (we're military)..and since January I bought the LV Saumur,LV Speedy 30, and the Framboise Cles...I really want the MC koala..but I really can't justify spending more's only FEBRUARY!!!..Maybe you and I can go on a bag fast together..sort of like lent but for non-catholics..unless you're catholic then it really will be like lent for you:idea:
  12. That's a really good idea.. I'll have to join you guys on your bag lent, soon.. just one last purchase ! ;)
  13. Ok, you SOOO do NOT need to buy ANOTHER THING FOR AT LEAST A MONTH. That's a lot of stuff all at once and you're calling these things deals.... You can't just get stuff because it's a deal. Before you know it you're going to spend more than you can afford or should spend, just to get these deals.

    I think you should SERIOUSLY consider taking back some of your purchases. What about returning the Tods bag and the Coach? I know that BOTH stores take returns... And do you really NEED a silk scarf?

    You might want to consider taking a break from shopping--no more ebay and outlets for you. You should REALLY take a break--you don't want to put your family in debt for this "habit." I mean this for your own good.
  14. Good call--savoring each purchase is a great idea. We kinda get caught up on the hunt, get it and then NOT enjoy the new purchase--we just want the next thing.
  15. So true, love the voice of reason...