Omg!!! I Need All Of Your Help!!! Please Give Your Opinions!

  1. OK!!
    So I have a signature large Carly in khaki/saddle which I LOOOOOOOVE. She is a great shape and function and just beautiful...ok well I don't need to preach to the converted or anything, but you get it.

    So I decided to start saving my money for a Legacy Leigh leather pocket flap in black, because I don't have a decent leather bag yet (!) If I get PCE I want to use it on that and a bleecker wristlet in some fabric/color that I haven't decided on. I also love Leigh in raisin...
    which brings me to my next point.

    The medium leather Carly in black.

    I have the opportunity to get her a LOT sooner and wouldn't have to worry about PCE and whatnot, because my husband would be able to use his military STAR card at AAFES to get her :smile:

    I am inclined to beg hubby for Carly now and save for Leigh in raisin, that way if I don't get pce I won't be out a black bag for sure.
    So the question that a good idea? Does anyone have the leather Carly???
  2. I have the large leather Carly in black and I love it. It is my default bag when I'm wearing anything black. It is kinda heavy but so worth it! The leather is divine...YOU SHOULD GET IT! :yahoo:
  3. YEAH!
    I don't mind weight, I need bags that feel like they have a lot of substance which is part of the reason I love Carly so much.
    I get a lot of compliments on my signature Carly and I think the leather ones look very sleek.

    Thanks for writing back!
  4. I just got the leather brown medium Carly and she is beautiful!!! I love love love her!!!! I also went through a few signature ones and although I loved them too, the leather is yummy and doesn't look kind of sloppy like the siggy can sometimes (to me) the leather is awesome and easy to care for too!! :tup:
  5. I would so get the carly in black leather now(I'm still pining after the large black signature) and save for the leigh in raisin (which I'm also in lust with).
  6. I love the large's an awesome bag....yeah you need it! hehehehe

    OH man totally pining after Leigh too....sigh.
    I will probably start having dreams!
  7. If you can get it at a fabulous price and you know it's a bag you want and will love then I say go for it!! Then save up for the Leigh in raisin! That color is gorgeous!
  8. I have to say that I don't think that AAFES has really great prices on Coach items, unless you are buying items on clearance. I always find better prices at the outlets, and have been lucky enough to find what I was looking for. What is the intrest rate on the Star card? We never bothered to get one because we already had other credit cards.

    If it is something you can't live without, I'd get it.
  9. We only have one outlet in Oregon and they don't always have the best selection, i have done okay there but...

    to me, saving 100 bucks off a Carly is a GREAT deal considering it is a current color/style.

    The star card has decent interest, i forget the actual number, but after Jason was deployed they didn't ask for any payments for a year after that, so everything he paid was straight capital.