OMG I need advice quick!

  1. So, on a whim I called Neiman's in SF today to see if they happened to have a grey re-issue bag in the medium size available. My SA said no but she'd see what was in the back room. A few minutes later she calls back to tell me there's a grey re-issue medium being held for someone but that it's been on hold for a long make a long story short, she calls the customer and the customer releases the bag and now it's being held for me! I really couldn't believe it!

    Here's my dillema....

    I already own the Chanel Classic in the Caviar leather I've used maybe three times before realizing that I don't care for the leather and so it's been sleeping peacefully in its sleeper bag. Then, when the 2.55 re-issue came out I fell in love with the distressed leather and the beautiful chain and the whole look of it and bought the small black one. I REALLY LOVE this bag but it IS a tad bit too small for everyday use although I can get my essentials in it. I've had it two weeks now and I've used it twice so far.

    Now, there's the Grey Medium waiting for me at Neiman's and I don't know what to do about it. I can't justifiy all three bags! I've been thinking about selling my Caviar Classic and I'll probably do that but should I exchange the small black re-issue for the medium grey?

    Will the grey bag look good with jeans AND more dressy outings? Do you think the medium might be too big for me at 5'3"?

    HELP! What would you do????
  2. i would buy it and keep the others- all have a different look and use.
  3. trade them! The med is NOT big at all. I'm barely 5'3" and I preferred the medium over the small and actually even liked the large the best!
  4. Swanky -

    Do you have it in black or grey???
  5. The medium won't be too big on you at all. I bought the large (returned it the next day), and it was the perfect size. I'm 5'5". I would exchange the small black reissue for the medium grey one. I think it's a versatile bag that will look good with either casual or dressy outfits. The distressed leather makes it a little more casual, but it's still a Chanel, and when worn with a dressy outfit can be very elegant :biggrin:

    Let us know what you decide!
  6. No, I don't have any, but I've tried on all 3 sizes on 2 different shopping trips in all 3 colors!!
    As much as I LOVE that bag, it's not the right style for me - I gotta be abe to shove my hand in the top! LOL!
  7. Hmm... if you MUST, I say return the black reissue and go for the grey.. it will go with EVERYTHING, even pajamas (but why?). Or just buy it.. think about it, and then later sell me the grey lol.. jkjk! good luck with ur choice!
  8. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your feedback....

    It looks like I'll be exchanging my small black re-issue for the medium grey one! Finally, with a decision made, I'm very excited about it...So, if anyone is wanting a small, black re-issue bag with very little use and in excellent, excellent condition (and I mean like new) will be available at Neiman's in San Francisco tomorrow afternoon!

    And if you really, really want this bag, let me know by PM and I'll tell my SA to hold it for you when I get there at about 11:00 am....
  9. Ooohhh, post pics!
  10. hmmm...i think u should keep them all..they would give u different looks, but if u have to get rid of one then sell the small reissu :sad:
  11. Lucky girl! I am 5'4" and have the medium in black/gold chain. The size is perfect for day and evening. I think you are making the right decision about exchanging the small black for the medium grey.
  12. I agree with everybody else. Make the swap. But it would be nice if you could keep both reissue bags, and only sell the older bag, that you no longer use.
  13. Get the medium gray re-issue which I wear both casually/jeans and more dressed up. I am only two inches taller and I think the fit is fine.

    If you ever decide you dont want your classic anymore you can sell it easily. Actually, if you decide to do this, keep me in mind.

    But I agree, it would be a good idea to trade the small black for the gray.
  14. Thanks, guys! This is what I'm going to the black re-issue for the grey in medium and sell the Caviar Classic. This way I can make way for a tote shoulderbag OR a backpack (whenever they decide to start designing them again!) when something comes out that I can not live without! Plus I'll be picking up a belt today too....just can't have everything right now although I'd love to..:love:

    Don't forget....if you've been looking for the beautiful black re-issue and can't find it, one will be back on the shelves in the SF Neiman's by this afternoon!
  15. I just have to add that I'm pretty excited....isn't it odd how purchasing something you really love can be such a mood-lifter and a pleasurable thing? Having fewer but quality items wins out every time for me....I don't have much but everything I own will be around for a very long time...just hope my daughter appreciates these things like I do.