OMG i nearly lost my sidekick in the back of a cab

  1. i never take cabs. ever. no need to! i usually have my boyfriend drive me or i'll take the train. but tonight as the temperatures dropped to 46 degrees, it was freezing cold and windy, and all i had was my sweater on. so me and andrea hailed a cab to go 10 blocks.

    i jumped out of the cab and realised 15 minutes later i left my sidekick behind.


    i was already planning to go to t-mobile tomorrow to get a new one. i had to have a replacement before monday. it is incredible how much i use this thing on a daily basis.

    but then i thought, maybe, just maybe, i'll get lucky and whoever found it would return it to me. i was hoping it would be a guy, and seeing it's a pink juicy sidekick, he wouldn't want it. if it was a girl, i would be out of luck.

    i used my friend's cell phone to call my boyfriend to let him know i just lost my sidekick. he's like yes, i know, i'm going to pick it up right now. see the things i do for you! some really nice stranger found my sidekick and sent my boyfriend a IM on aim (i'm logged in at all times) and left her number and that she would return it!

    i can't believe there really are some nice and honest people left in NYC. there is hope after all.

    and i must have some good kharma on my side.

    i am sending her some exotic flowers to show my appreciation.
  2. Ooh yay!!! ;)
  3. awww I love when I hear stuff like this.
  4. THATS great and SOO sweet of the person, nice to know there are good ppl still out there
  5. Wow! That's so nice of the person! I'm glad you're getting it back!
  6. :smile: Thats so nice of the person! Its usually rare when a person does that!
  7. I'm so glad you are getting it back!
  8. That's so nice! Glad it worked out :smile:
  9. Glad you had a happy ending.
    I found someones expensive cell phone in a shopping center parking lot about a month ago.I would have run over it if I hadn't noticed the bright blue screen .I steered my car up beside it opened the door and picked it up took it home.I called one of the numbers in the call log a guy answered and I explained that I found the phone.It belonged to his wife,I gave him my address so he could pick it up.
    It pays to do the right thing,but that guy didn't even take time to thank me.