OMG! I MAY have received a FAKE CHANEL! Help!

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    I purchased a Caviar Wallet on Chain on ebay, won auction, paid instantly, and the seller was very slow to communicate, days before she answered, I asked if it was only 3 months old, did she have the receipt and was there any odour.

    She replied "no smell, and receipts don't prove authenticity, do you want a refund if you have a bad feeling then you probably won't be happy with it? I said as long as it's as described there is no problem. I should have just said YES REFUND MY MONEY! I based the trust on her feedback - she has clearly fooled many with her superfakes. Then I received it today, and realised she was probably worried because she can see I sell authentic and would know the difference!!! IT'S FAKE - Crooked cardboard Asian tags, stinks like a market and the lining doesn't look right, feels to hard. I've just opened a SNAD with paypal.

    What happens in this situation, I just send it back? I'm so upset Last thing I need. I will NEVER EVER buy a bag on ebay again. After the last episode with the Mahina and odour (which thankfully was saved) I'm through with ebay.

    oh and yes It was authenticated on the chanel purse forum :shrugs:
  2. As long as you opened the SNAD, DO NOT send anything back until you are directly by Ebay/the seller VIA the Ebay resolution center to do so!!! When you do send it back, make sure that you have signature conf, insurance for the full amount what you paid (even though it is a cheap counterfeit), etc. COVER YOUR A$$ at all costs. Good luck!
  3. You had it authenticated here? Maybe you should take your own pics and post them in the authenticate this chanel thread again just to be sure its fake....
  4. Yes that's the one and she just made her feedback private!

    I've just been researching and comparing, the zipper pull has a blunt end which is incorrect from what I've seen on the ref thread here, the back of the auth tag looks incorrect, the paper tags are definitely incorrect. I've purchased chanel from boutiques and compared to my own caviar items. I'll post it again though.
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    Last edited: Oct 11, 2010
    ^^^ Please post again. The pictures in the listing are correct. Also, you may want to save the pictures in the auction before the seller deletes them just in case.
  6. I will do, having trouble uploading pics, seller has offered to refund thankfully, and claims to have been 'selling for a friend' - her history showed she sold Chanel bags regularly.
  7. Did you save the pictures or do a printscreen from the listing? It looks like she deleted all but one picture.

    ETA: remember to not close the case until you get your refund and ship with signature confirmation.
  8. Yeah she has only just done that
  9. So you received a bag different than listed on the auction?

    ETA: I just read that the seller made their feedback private and has removed all but one picture? Very sneaky.
  10. I tried to look up the sellers past auctions on goofbay and all her past pictures have been deleted, so I actually saved the pictures in the listing (she must have just deleted them).

    paije - If you need the pictures, I have them saved in an email (emailed myself the auction), as well as a copy.
  11. Michele - you ROCK!

  12. It appears to be the same bag that was listed. It has a very strong smell of a bargain store/market. The tags that it came with are what made me really question the bag, I've never had tags like this from Chanel. The zipper pull is blunt and from what I've researched it should be snipped sideways on this woc... and the back of the serial tag usually have soft smooth leather, this one is caviar on the back, in comparison to all my own chanel bags... this doesn't look right, the lining is crispier, and lighter, I've added a comparison pic of the lining of my GST in one of the flickr shots - I'm about to list the link.

    If you had nothing to hide, why delete all pics and hide your feedback? She has offered to refund so I'll just wait for paypal to give me the go ahead.

    Here's the link to the photos:

  13. Thank you so much! I'll pm you my email address.

    There is another that I almost bought on ebay that I'm sure is authentic that is Made in Italy, this one is France, do they vary?
  14. I'm not sure what the issue is, but this is an authentic WOC. What did you pay for this?

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