Omg! I Love This.......

  1. That is HOT! I love that D!
  2. I KNOW!!! :love:

    i so need to stay off the internet......... :s
  3. ooooohhhhh!!!! I like!!! Order it! :P
  4. Oh!!! :love:
  5. This is how I felt when I first saw the Red ANO horn
  6. But has anyone ever ordered directly from Paris Hermes on the internet????
  7. ^^^OH, Shopmom!! You are REALLY GOOD at enabling!!! Love that bracelet!
  8. Ok....I HAVE to go do my Thanksgiving shopping and then I'll be back and then I'll see what I have to do in order to GET THIS BABY!!!!!

    .....i think i gotta have it..........:supacool:
  9. I never went to the French site! Great bracelet!!!Did you see if it is on the US site? Will they sell to you or force you over to the US site? They had great Twillys too. Have to go look at US site now to see if it is the same.
  10. oooo, i love that bracelet too! ordering should be no problem, as long as you have your AMEX on hand! (haven't ordered on US H site either). but am wondering if they ship overseas????
  11. Shopmom... you get that baby! It is sooo you!!!
  12. Just looked, US site does not have these things and is not good at all when compared to the French site. What gives with them?
  13. Gosh I love that bracelet too! Maybe I'll be the guinea pig for you! Or you for me! They have a much better bracelet inventory than the us site...
  14. ARGH!!!!! I can't read French and I don't have a bloody CLUE if they ship to the USA or how to order the dang thing.....

    ....anyone know French? Or am I bound to beg and promise to do things I might be sorry for in the morning to get my SA to get this baby for me?

    .....hold on, I'm making a call as we speak........