OMG!!! I love this Prada!!!

  1. ..Havent bought that one...YET...LOL!

    My Prada store gets a new shipmt ha ha ha...we shall see how evil I am....
  2. I saw the smaller one on Sunday IRL. It's totally TDF!!! I LOVE the way they did the chain. Nice and chunky! It's a bit on the heavy side, so if you're someone that really stuffs your bags full, you might not like it. I don't carry that much in my bags though so I WANT IT!!!! :drool:
  3. Prada...The bigger the bag I carry that day, the MORE I shove into it lol!! I f I have a smaller prob...I deal w/ it fine...I know I know..I'm trying to rationalize another purchase!!!
  4. Emmy, you have raised rationalizing to a fine art! :roflmfao:

    Seriously, I learned years ago that the bigger the bag, the more stuff you put in it. Then you get a bigger bag......and put MORE stuff in it. Then you start shopping for chiropractors because your neck and back are shot!

    Small bag = Good :tup:
  5. Where did you see the smaller one at? And how much , we all know style drops over charges, please tell!!
  6. It was at the Neiman Marcus in Charlotte, NC. I didn't take out the price tag though, so I don't know that. I'm thinking its around $1500 +/- but I'm only guessing.
  7. :wlae:PP ==

    Big Bag = Yoga Plough Position to realign spine
    (It works -- I can swear it really really works) !

    Do not deny thyself of the Big Bags !!
  8. Big bag = makes arse look smaller. Great result in my opinion. I'll live with knackered back and shoulders any day!
  9. Well, after the past two years of my medical life that have included blown bones in my feet, carpal tunnel in my left hand and surgery for a blown disk in my back 8 months ago that I'm still being treated for (because the original surgeon screwed it up!!!), big bags just aren't on the radar for me. It's one of those things where you won't allow yourself to like them because you know you can't HAVE them. Know what I mean? :girlsigh:

    sjunky13: I'm going back to Neiman Marcus to return that GIGANTIC jute/python bag. DH is wanting to wait for the weekend, but I going to grab the NM card and take it back today unless he pitches a fit a the idea of me loose in NM with HIS card!! :devil:
    Anyhoo, I'll make it a point to look at the chain bag and check the price as well as make a mental note on the size for you. I'm pretty sure it's the smaller one.

    BTW: if anyone else wants prices on some of the Fall Pradas, let me know. I won't be going until after lunch. I'll do my best to get them before I'm kicked out for drooling on them. :drool:
  10. PP -- I'm so sorry if that seemed glib -- my mother had disc surgery and that is no fun at all.

    Good luck finding a replacement bag and looking forward to your report on the Fall Prada's !!
  11. No prob, jenskar. No way you could have known. ;)
  12. Thank you Prada , sorry about your medical problems, just enjoy your smaller bags, we are all crazy anyway , what is considered small today 10 years ago would have been thought of as huge.
  13. yup, totally agree - bag size is so relative.

    i love the leather on this bag. looks really luxe!