OMG I love this bag!

  1. Wanted to add that I bought my first Marc Jacobs bag last week. Is the leather the same on the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags as his Marc Jacobs line?
  2. Everyone has been saying that the leather on these is very soft and smooshy and some have even said that it feels even better tahn some of their more expensive bags.

    I bought the Totally Turnlock Tina in the firebird... I haven't seen it in person yet, but a member was nice enough to post pics of her Tina in a different thread in this MJ subforum.

    I don't have many MJ bags... but I think that the quality of the leather is great on my MbyMJ bags...
  3. That bag is gorgeous in Firebird. I don't have any of the MJ by MJ bags but I like what I see. Go for it!
  4. Can you fit that under your shoulder comfortably?
  5. The only thing that worries me about this bag is the adjustable buckles on the straps... wouldn't that be uncomfortable?
  6. Since the straps are adjustable I can probably get it under my arm. As for the buckles bothering my arms, I guess I'll have to see. I'm going to order it tonight. :yes:
  7. He's absolutely outdone himself with this leather - it is SO SOFT and nice. This Teri line is amazing. So hard to find naked leather (which is so velvety soft), I know- I've searched.

    I just got the bowler in Firebird and Yam and I am having a hard time not keeping both. I might just do that....:yes:
  8. I saw this bag in person today... the satchel... it is a great bag... and the leather really is great. I was surprised how good of a size it was!
  9. Congrats on the new bag! Which one did you decide on getting? Would love to see photos. :yahoo:
  10. Thats a beautiful bag. Great price too!
  11. Well...after much thought I decided against ordering the MJ bag. I like a more structured bag and after reading various posts about the Marc Jacobs by MJ bags, I decided against ordering the bag. I'm happy with my decision. :smile:
  12. I had a Marc by MJ bag I ordered from Bergdorf this summer. I just didn't feel the same level of quality from it that I've experienced in the Blake and Stam Hobo I've just bought so I sent it back. From what I've seen of the styling of the Marc line, sounds like you'd be happier with a Marc Jacobs bag over the Marc line.

  13. ECMD7, I am sure you will find a bag to suit your needs! good luck!
  14. I love the looks of that line, but I'd want to see it IRL first. And since I'm nowhere near a store that carries anything MJ, I'll have to wait for the next trip back to Chicago (next week).