OMG I Love Macy's! Best Find EVER!

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  1. So yesterday I was sitting in my office and I decided I should go to Macy's at Somerset to see if they had any good deals on shirts for the bf.... I get to Macy's after work and I'm like "hmmmm I should check Coach to see if they by chance have the large ocelot wristlet for bf's sister." She REALLY wants it and has been stalking ebay but some are selling for over $100! So I check Coach out and what did they have?

    THE OCELOT WRISTLET FOR $68!!! :yahoo: It was really busy so I guarded the case it was in while I waited for a SA to get it out for me. There were all these girls shopping and I was like back off b****es!!! THIS IS MINE!! So I got that for her and a little Poppy mini skinny with ID window for myself. I was so excited that I'm going to give it to bf's sister next weekend because I can't wait 2 months for her bday. I was really impressed with all the stuff they had at Macy's. I wanted to buy more, but I had to contain myself to the wristlet and mini skinny ....and Alex quilted tote :biggrin:
  2. Great find!! Macy's at 12 Oaks had a few Coach bags yesterday for 50% off I don't remember which ones they were but there was 4 different bags :smile:
  3. FYI, the Ann Arbor Macy's had the Oceleot Hailey and a couple other Ocelot pieces on sale. I didn't really look. I just noticed as I was passing the case to pick up the Shelby wedges that I had on hold.
  4. Ohh thanks for the heads up. I must resist though. I need to buy a chest from IKEA to store all my bags... right now they are all shoved into a suitcase... it's less than ideal :sad: BTW, I love your screenname - my bags are totally my babies too!
  5. Too funny:roflmfao:! I'm going to Macy's tonight to get a dress so I will definitely stop at the Coach counter to see what's on sale.
  6. Alex quilted tote???? I have her in black and love it! Congrats!....wait, are they on sale????
  7. No the Alex tote wasn't on sale... They had the Poppy book totes on sale and I was considering the black with silver trim one instead, but I already have the pink tartan book tote. Then I considered the Poppy glam tote in black with silver trim and decided to just go with my initial instinct and get the Alex since it was what I really wanted anyways. They had both the large patent Alex tote and the quilted so I was able to do a side by side comparison and the quilted is lighter and more suited to my needs.
  8. Congrats on the good find! Now I'm wondering what 12 Oaks Macys has on sale. Hrm. . .
  9. I was at the 12 Oaks Macy's Monday night... They had an ocelot Hailey, a few wristlets, some Poppy glam totes and book totes and some Garnets. They didn't have nearly as much on clearance as Somerset does. I recommend that everyone checks Somerset's clearance out!
  10. Lucky girl to find the ocelot wristlet :tup:...I am still on the hunt!!
  11. You didn't get the extra 20% off with Wear Red promotion? I was able to with clearance items.
  12. Congrats, glad you were able to snag those beauties!
  13. Wow that's a great find, those are HTF!
  14. Congrats!
  15. No :sad: They told everyone that Coach was excluded.