OMG I LOVE IT - Reveal!

  1. I am SO excited about my new bag - you have NO idea! I've been impatiently waiting all week for it to arrive and here it is! New Haymarket hobo! Oh, and a wallet for my BF so he doesn't think I've totally lost it, lol. I've been spoiling myself a fair bit lately and he deserves something too. Hope you all love it!!
    image-2433718020.png image-719092208.png image-681533502.png image-3707594728.png image-4244497875.png
  2. Trying to fix pictures...not working.
    image-1504376168.png image-2391067228.png image-4165461489.png image-345310676.png image-2104770683.png
  3. Love that bag! The shape is so nice and the sides are so neat!
  4. cute!
  5. Love it great shape. That's a great wallet for your BF and great idea ;) my brother has it ans its really cool for men. Well Congrats enjoy. How about mob pictures?
  6. Congrats! Both are lovely!
  7. i love the details of the bag! that stitching!
  8. Lovely! Congratulations and enjoy!
  9. Nice!! And the wallet is a great idea!!! Congrats!
  10. That is a great style~!
  11. Congrats! That is a beautiful style, love the stitching on the side. Enjoy! :smile:
  12. nice bag@@
  13. Enjoy!! Beautiful Love the detail on the purse!