OMG! I lost my mind! What a spree ~Tons of PICS!~

  1. :wtf:Yes, crazy....even for me! 5 hours and 3 LV stores later...........had to beat the price hike :graucho:!



    So what did I get??? No teasing, just lots of pics :p!
  2. A little of everything! :graucho:


    I couldn't decide what color miroir lockit to get, so to hedge my bets I waitlisted at 2 stores...the gold at Valley Fair and the Silver at Palo Alto. I was surprised I got the call from both stores! So I ended up getting both color lockits. Since I already have the silver speedy, I will probably give that one to my mom for Christmas.

    Gold Lockit
    Silver Lockit

    Black LVoe mules

    Mono Orsay
    Damier Macau
    Pochette Talum
    Damier Business card case
    Damier cigarette case (for my sidekick, fits pretty well)
    Mono poche toilette

    Vernis cles, perle
    Vernis cles, amarante

    Inclusion Barrette, GM, amarante
    Inclusion Barrette, PM, white
    Key chain

    Sunnies, amarante

    VIP MC cards
  3. I do love to make groups...

    White group


    Amarante group

  4. Miroirs and Lvoe


  5. [​IMG]

    I have wanted these for so long...silly I know, but true!


    I also got some chanel earings, and some chanel make-up....I love their make-up...small but fun anyway ;)
  6. holy cow! that haul is bigger than my entire collection! congrats!!!
  7. WOW!!!!! this is crazy!!!! congrats no all your goodies Mary!!!:tup::heart::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. :yahoo:

    i love all your purchases!!!! more pics plssssss
  9. wow! i don't even know what to say.
  10. Ahhhhhh!! I want more pics & last pics...I can't see them!!
    Wowza, you really got the goods lady!! Great shopping, I am in awe of you & your great SA. Congratulations, you done good[great!].
  11. Wow, wow, wow, twinkle! You went to town and then some!! Everything is fantastic!!! You must've had loads of fun getting all these babies! I would be in 7th heaven if I came home with a similar loot! I sure love the way you shop!!!!!!
  12. TINK what a kickass haul...congrats!!!!
  13. hehehe I loveeeeeee those cards!!!!! :heart: Great haul!
  14. sweet mother of god!!!!! *jawdrops* you are my QUEEN!!!!! *bows down* GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  15. what a great shopping day. congrats!