Omg I Loooove This, It Looks Amazing On My Bag !

  1. Hi everyone, I got sent this today from my RAOK Buddy (GeorgesLV) isnt it just amazing, what do you think of it on my bag ?. I allways wanted the Hibiscus Bandeau Scarf and its amazing that someone sent it me. Im amazed at his generosity :flowers:


  2. [​IMG]
  3. Stunning! You have a v generous buddy - congrat!:yahoo:
  4. :nuts:It's a perfect match! That's sooo sweet and thoughtful of GeorgesLV :love:
  5. It looks stunning! what a great buddy!
  6. Wow, that looks STUNNING against that bag! How generous of GeorgesLV!
  7. congrats!
  8. ooo that looks so good! congrats !!
  9. What a nice buddy! Looks fantastic
  10. Ohhhhhh .. :drool: that looks amazing on your bag.
    What an awesome buddy!!
  11. Beautiful!!! That looks absolutely fab together with the vernis, love it!
  12. Absolutely perfect!

    good work GeorgesLv!
  13. thankyou and even more thanks to georgesLV !! :flowers:
  14. Huhey, that looks awesome Steve!! I thought you might appreciate the bandeau somewhat:p I hope you use it in good health and get many many compliments on it hehe!!
  15. absolutely gorgeoussssssssssss