Omg I just...

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  1. ...ordered two cuirs, my first LP cuirs ever! Reveal as soon as I get them!

    Also I reason that I just saved 400 Euros, because initially I planned on a Mulberry Bayswater or Daria. But I'd rather have two Longchamps, I guess :woot:
  2. I love the cuirs. I hope you love yours. What colors?
  3. Medium in dark blue and small in black. So excited!!!
  4. Same thing happened to me a while back, but that was more of an impulse purchase...
  5. I like when that happens ;)
  6. OMG! We are already identical bag twins as I have those Cuirs too in those sizes and colours! :biggrin:
  7. YAY! can't wait for your reveal!! Will be living vicariously through you as I squeal with excitement and joy at your new gorgeous bags!

  8. How cool, do you have pics by any chance? :smile:

  9. :biggrin: hope to receive them next week!
  10. How beautiful! Can't wait.....:heart:
  11. Congrats! Blue and black are excellent choices and them in the smooshy cuir leather is just divine!
  12. My babies have arrived! Reveal as soon as I get home...