OMG!! I just won this bag! Tell me what you think!!

  1. I have been stalking this bag for a few days and I just won it.. I didn't really think it was going to get that high, but oh well.. I love the Vachetta leather ergos!!

    I just hope that these scratches can be buffed out with some apple conditioner or something! What do you think??

    It supposedly comes with the turnlock that broke off so can I have them send the repair kit instead of me sending it in?? I hate to wait for like 6 weeks to have it fixed!

    well here's the link
  2. It's beautiful and seems like a great deal! Sorry I couldn't answer your questions but congrats! I would have paid that for it.
  3. well, you know how much I LOVE ERGOS!!!!! What a GREAT buy!!! I'm sure the scratches will come out w/ some Apple!!! I LOVE the color! Cant wait to see modelling pics!!!! CONGRATS on a great find and be sure to post in the ergo thread!!!!!
  4. I think the turnlock kits are only for the small turnlocks, not the large Legacy ones. Either way, great deal on the bag! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. Don't worry as that is the Ergo Vachetta tote. I own this bag and the scratches rub right out with the natural oils on your fingers. Great buy and enjoy! Congrats!
  6. You got a great deal!!! Congrats
  7. What a steal!!! WTG!
  8. That is one of my favorite sellers, as well! Congrats!
  9. good deal!
  10. :drool: Soooooooo pretty!!!!!!! I just want to rub my hands all over one of those leather ergos....I must do that sometime:shame: They just look so yummy. That is an amazing color too! Congrats!!!!
  11. One of the girls on another forum had won a GiGi in the same condition and Coach was going to send her the turnlock. She told them it the larger turnlock for the newer line. She still hasn't received it. Just letting you know - go ahead & call Coach. Don't tell them you got the bag on eBay.
  12. Congrats, beautiful leather!
  13. Beautiful bag! I love it! I think you can call CS and give them the style number of your bag and they can send your a turnlock kit, or at least tell you if they can.
    I lost a screw on my legacy french framed wallet and called them to ask if they'd send me a screw. They sent me an entire turnlock kit, so I don't see why they wouldn't send you one!
  14. Great deal on that Ergo! I love that seller as well!
  15. HOLY CRAP! I just went back and looked at the price! You got a steal!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! I'm sure CS will send you a new turnlock.