OMG I just witnessed a Sherrif buy a fake!

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  1. I work for a Mercedes dealer and an R-class pulled in loaded to the brim with fake LV's. The Sherrif was here for a Sherrifs inspection on some used cars and while he was here he walked up to the R filled with LV's. I thought he was going to bust the guy. Whie customers were lingering around looking at the bags, the Sherrif asked if they were real. The R driver said, "No, but you look like a reasonable man who has a lovely wife, so I'll sell you this one (he pulls out a Theda) for $300." The Sherrif actually pulled out his checkbook and bought it! I can't believe what I just saw :amazed:
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: WTF?! Too bad you couldn't record him buying it. If you ever get pulled over by him, you'd have some leverage :P
  3. Lol to funny ......" hey honey look what i got u today " lol
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Are you sure it was THE SHERIFF or was it one of his deputies? I may give the deputy a free pass, but THE SHERIFF should know better. Is the Sheriff elected, appointed, hired...?
  6. That's not even funny! :mad: So sad..
  7. It could also be the beginning of a big bust too. After purchasing, they follow through later with a major sting. Saw it on the news!
  8. I hope they bust the guy! that is so wrong!
  9. :amazed: That's just wrong.

    Even worse if his wife reads the PF :biggrin:
    Guess he'd be good to sleep in the dog house for a couple of years :lol:
  10. Is that even legal? Ha!!
  11. That's not even funny.
  12. That's really sad. Poor wife.
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