Omg!! I Just Wanna Scream!!!

  1. Hello... im new to Chanel but i know this is the one place you will all share in my excitement!!!!

    I just bought my FIRST EVER Chanel!! I bought her off eBay from timeless_lv (who i understand is totally reputable) and i just have to share my joy!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    My husband is going to hit the roof, especially as he wont understand why i paid so much for a vintage (in his eyes it will just be gross and dirty!!) but i LOVE her and im so excited! I know she is quite grubby, so any tips on restoring her to her former glory will be very much appreciated!!

    She's not here yet, i just pressed "Buy It Now"!

    WOO HOO!!!!!


  2. Congrats, lovely! If you don't mind paying a fee, you can send it to Chanel for 'servicing'...

  3. ooo, thank you! Do you know how much it usually is or does it depend on what work needs to be done?
  4. I am not sure dear, I know some of the members here do that for their purses....perhaps someone here could give you more info....
    I am sure very soon you see more posts here...:smile:

    PS. is it you in the avatar?
  5. lovely....congrats!!

  6. thank you!!

    Nope not me im afraid, its Christina Aguilera!! Im going to change it though to one of my wedding photos! :smile:
  7. Oopss...I thought look like her... haha... would love to see your wedding pic...;)

  8. very pretty bag, congrats!
  9. Thanks everyone!! Does anyone know how you can age your bag based on the seriel number? Also can someone tell me what the style name is!! :shame: I havent a clue!

    IceEarl - decided to make a wedding signature instead! :smile:
  10. is another alternative, although an actual Chanel boutique is always preferred. :yes:

    BTW, congrats on your new bag!
  11. I would scream too! :yahoo:Love your new bag, it's gorgeous.
  12. Many congratulations and I am sure your husband will be happy you're happy if nothing else - he looks like he adores you from your wedding photos!
  13. ^Wow I didn't notice those pictures before. They look gorgeous!
  14. Congrats to you on your good deal