OMG!! I just saw the LE NM bag AND the step bag!

  1. I just came from NM Fashion Island. WOW!!!! :nuts:

    They had the limited edition 100th anniversary NM bag in there - it was GORGEOUS!!!! It's a city bag, and it's definitely a different color from aqua - a beautiful darker green/blue color. The gunmetal GH hardware is so cool looking, too. Apparently they only got 6 in, so they aren't going to last long.

    Also - they got their F/W stuff in and they happened to have a step bag in. It was in a forest green color. I compared it to a city so I could report back to you guys. It is about the same width as the city, but slightly taller and not as deep. It has 2 handles that fit nicely over the shoulder. I think it's a little less wide than the Purse style, from what I can recall. The color was TDF....lighter than sapin and sooo pretty!

    Wish I had pics to share. I'm so excited though, I had to post!
  2. Thanks for the report! May have to hop into the local NM to check it out!
  3. I am VERY interested in the step. I second your vote for pictures. Has anyone got any to show?
  4. Thanks for the report.
  5. Carol:

    You are killing me!

  6. PINE. The Collection colors were supposed to start delivery as of last week so I'm glad that they are slowly but surely coming out of hiding.

    Thanks for the report! May have to stop by my local NM.
  7. How exciting. I can't wait for the new colors to come out so I can drool over everyones pics!!
  8. Hooray!!!! A Step sighting! I am so excited that it fits over the shoulder!!!! Can't wait to go to NM and try it out!
  9. Yep, my Fashion Island SA just called me to check on my Day bag. Definetely must go to check it out!
  10. I have to figure out a way to take pics without anyone noticing - LOL :p

    I absolutely LOVE that pine color. Sooo pretty.
  11. I am on order for the LE city. I have been waiting for the step. Sounds small.
  12. tee hee. :smile:
  13. I can't wait to see Pine... it sounds like it will be lovely.
  14. Definitely smaller than I expected. I have one on order with hgbags but it may not turn out to be right for me. It was definitely helpful to see it IRL. :yes:
  15. I'm so curious about both bags now. I originally thought the step would be too large, but now it sounds about perfect. I can't wait for to see pine! And the LE city sounds gorgeous... :drool: