OMG...I just saw 21 and GUESS WHAT

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  1. There was a clip in the movie when they won all this money and went on SERIOUS shopping sprees in LV and Gucci...but they must have spent 30 seconds-1 minute on the LV clip. I was freaking OUT! Luggage and's sick that I knew it was LV even before they showed the bags, I just knew from the inside of the store...sick! hehe But it was heaven.

    I highly recommend this movie, it was really good. I tried to get a clip on YouTube, but there wasn't any.
  2. Thats so cool!
    it seems like a hot movie.
  3. OMG i so wanna watch that movie!!!! COMMON AND COME OUT IN AUSTRALIA!!!!
  4. never heard fo the movie =/ im so out of the movie loop! lol
  5. I really wanna go see it now - my friends also said it was great!
  6. Ooooh i sooo wanted to see this movie(Part because of Kate B. in the movie) and everybody is saying it's sooo great.I have to go see it this week.
  7. I saw it last night too. The scene was fantastic when they went on a glorious shopping spree thru the shoppes at the Wynn. Gucci, Agent Provacateur, Louis Vuitton and more. But the focus of the scene though was definately Kate Beckinsale and the others whooping it up in the Wynn's LV boutique. It was a riot.
    If you love LV (Las Vegas) and LV(Louis Vuitton) then this movie is a must.

    p.s., did you notice Ben toss that Lady Dior bag away at the end like it was an old paper sack?!
  8. IT'S SO FUNNY YOU SAY THAT!!!! I went to see this movie with my boyfriend and I mentioned that to him...I was OMG you don't just *toss* a $1700 bag like that!!!! He was like...oh goodness. And then it just confirmed that I really am obsessed with bags! hehe
  9. Check out the movie's website - for clips and the trailer.
  10. Omg!
  11. finally a movie that uses real LV's. usually hollywood tries to pull wool over our eyes by using imitations. thanks for the info. i wanted to see this movie because i watched a documentary about the real gambling MIT students a couple of seasons ago, and when i heard there was a movie coming out, i was psyched. you should check out the documentary if you enjoyed the movie.
  12. It was an awesome movie! DH & I saw it last night. Great LV scenes too! I was jealous!
  13. saw it last nite as well!!! :biggrin:
    the theatres were packed!

    it was definitely great! i can't wait to shop at the wynn!!!

  14. i havent seen the movie yet but id love to watch the documentary before.
    ;) like reading a harry potter book before you watch the movie. LOL
    whats it called??

    THANKS! :flowers:
  15. sorry, i think you meant Kate Bosworth..

    i saw the movie too and it was fantastic and loved that shopping spree clip..