OMG -- I just ordered the Trevi GM!!!

  1. :wtf::nuts::yahoo:My heart is pounding so hard I can't believe it. I've been drooling over the Trevi and Tivoli bags for weeks now, and when my best LV friend told me the other day she'd purchased the Tivoli PM for herself, I just couldn't take it any longer!

    Of course, I couldn't order the SAME BAG as her -- too weird and copy-cattish. And, while she's definitely more of a mono person, I go for a mix (Damier, Azur, Epi, etc.) She's also quite a bit slimmer than I am, so she looks better with a smaller-scaled bag than I do. So... last night I started calling LV stores looking for the Trevi PM, which is bigger than the Tivoli PM, and somewhat similar in size to the Speedy 30, which I love. I was thinking the GM would be just too huge. Unfortunately, is out of stock, 1-866 can't find one, other stores have waitlists, yadda yadda yadda. I also called a few more places after 10 AM this morning, and then I happened upon a most engaging young man at the LV store in a Saks 5th Avenue in Columbus, OH. Of course he could have been bluffing, but he said he really, truly prefers the Trevi GM over the PM. He continued to explain to me, in all sorts of design terms, why it is more balanced with the shoulder strap, etc. What could I say? He was awesome! He talked me into it! Of course, if it is not right, I have time to send it back. *What a rush!* (I've never even dreamed of spending this much $$ on a purse....)

    If I didn't have to rush to get to work, I'd be spending my next hour and a half online hunting down pics of Trevi GM's on tpf!!
  2. congratz! I hope you LOVE it when it gets here !
  3. congrats! hope you love it! can't wait to see pics...hehe.
  4. Yay!! I am so happy for you. I am totally in love with this bag too. A few weeks ago I was at the Orlando LV and a woman had ordered a Trevi GM over the phone - she wanted the pm but it was sold out. So she came in to check it out in person and while she was trying it on she asked me if I thought it was too big on her. It really was not too big and it looked so great, so I really think you will like it too. It was so funny becasue she was getting side tracked looking at other bags, like the new mini lin collection and she came over and asked me again what I thought of them but I told her that the Trevvi was a keeper. It was really fun.
  5. congrats, im sure you'll love it! i just picked up the PM yesterday and i LOVE it, such a great design. I went with the PM as i usually like smaller bags, but im sure the GM will work for you.
  6. Congrats! I think you are going to love this bag. It is on my Christmas wishlist.
  7. This bag is totally growing on me. I am 5'6" and thought the PM was nowhere near as big as other people said it was, so the GM would not be outrageous IMO.
  8. Oh I'm so happy and excited for you ... can't wait to see pics!
  9. So happy for you. I know you're gonna love the bag because I love it too, :drool: but haven't had a chance to get a hold on one. :crybaby:
  10. It should be here TODAY, TODAY,TODAY! Now I'm starting to wonder... what little "goody" would really dress her up? Scarves are iffy in this northern winter weather. Perhaps a keychain? Which one? The Fleurs, perhaps? What would look best on Damier? What would look best on the Trevi? (Does the mental shopping EVER stop?);)
  11. ^^ Too funny, I know what you mean about mental shopping. I can't wait to see pics.
  12. So exciting, Beth! I "gave" myself the Trevi PM for my birthday and it is so fantastic!! You will love it. I also wanted to dress her up, so I got the Pastilles key chain in Pomme (dark red) -- it coordinates with the lining, so it looks really pretty. For nice days, the Sweet Flowers bandeau in red is gorgeous tied on the handle!

    Have fun and share pics when your new bag arrives :yahoo:
  13. A Pomme Pastilles? I didn't know they even made one! I have only seen the brown and the pastel. I actually have the pastel bracelet one that I keep on my Damier Speedy 30. Without yet having the bag in hand, I'm thinking that the one that is just one long dangle would be best. Pomme, eh? Sounds beautiful!

    Newsflash... just found this on, this one? The Pastilles Key Holder for $315, the one that comes in Pearl, Amarante, Pomme, and Raspberry? So cool. Now I gotta have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm... what would be MOST beautiful with Damier, the Pomme or the Raspberry?


  14. Congrats, and No the mental shopping never stops. Welcome to the "Big Bag Gurls Club". Enjoy. :yahoo:
  15. Yea...congrats!!

    Post pics when you can!:wlae: