OMG!! I just made a huge oil-based stain on my Camel Lambskin Flap!!! What to do??

  1. :crybaby:Ladies this morning I used a towel to remove excess perfumed body oil before getting dressed and somehow my bag found its way on the towel! One half of the back side of the bag, half of the bottom and a little of the side of the bag had long swirls of darkened leather where the oil stained the leather. I rubbed it with the buffing cloth and some of it has come off but the bottom and some of the side is still darkened/stained. Can Chanel remove an oil-based stain from Lambskin if I take it in for cleaning? And do bags looks or feel different after being cleaned. I bought this bag in the spring and this is maybe the fourth time carrying it!! It's practically brand new. Or it was before today. HELP!!!!!!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I'm afraid I cannot help you all I can say is I had the same problem with my beige lambskin flap on the 3rd time wearing it and I have never got the stain out. All I can suggest is taking it to Chanel- good luck!
  3. Others have suggested putting unscented talc, baby powder. It's supposed to absorb the oil. You're going to have to do this many times by the sound of the stain. I'd probably blow the powder off rather than rub it in at least in the initial treatments. Am thinking apply powder and let it sit overnight and then begin again. I'd repeat this for a week and see if there is improvement. If you don't have the time nor patience, take it to Chanel; it takes 4-6 weeks before you'll see your purse again. If Chanel redyes a purse, it won't be quite a smooth. (Operative word is quite.) It will not feel like sandpaper so don't freak out. It's a subtle difference in texture.
  4. ^ I second the above, some pfrmers have managed to lighten oil stains by putting cornstarch or talc on the stain and then adding some weight on top of the bag so that the oil can be absorbed by the starch. Leave it overnight, then gently buff the bag in the morning. This may have to be repeated a few times before the stain is lightened but it has worked. Good luck honey, I hope it works out for you!
  5. Sorry this happened to you. My SA advised the same thing - as Jmen and Syma recommended. Hope it works out.
  6. Thank you ladies! This happened as I was get dressed for work. I wished I was home right now so I could put the powder on ASAP. I will do it tonight when I get home and hope that its not too late. THANK YOU to everyone who responded!!
  7. I have heard that cornstarch works too. Also, you have to add heat source (like the heat from a lamp)
    Go to & they have tips on how to remove oil stains. Ppl send their balenciaga bags to them & they remove oil off the handles using powder to absorb oil!! Give it a try!
  8. Oh I am so sorry I hope you can fix it best wishes xx
  9. Thank you! I'll give the cornstrch and heat a try. Thanks AriB. It doesn't look as bad as when the stain was fresh. The back of the bag looked pretty bad this morning but its not so bad now.
  10. Hey Venus,

    Sorry to hear about this - hope Chanel can fix it for you - I am sure it will be as good as new!!

  11. Thanks Harley. It looks way better tonight than it did this morning. I bought some baby powder and put it on it to help for the time being, and I intend to take it in to Chanel for a cleaning.
  12. hope you can fix it
  13. I am sorry to hear that, I suggest you take it to Chanel and see what they can do, don't try to clean it more...