OMG, I just LOST my mind!!!

  1. so I figured out how to use my 20% off coupon from macys online and so I ordered the 4 zuccas (2 lamore & 2 pirata) and 4 portatelefonos (again 2 lamore & 2 pirata). DH is soooo going to KILL ME!! Crap I hope they come when he's at work!! :nuts:

    The only reason I ordered 2 of each was so I could HOPEFULLY get good print placement on them, ya know better my chances. Not even sure if I'm going to keep either one though. Gonna hang onto them till the Spiaggia comes out then decide which one I would rather have.

    I called my lesportsac store yesterday and I was told that this year is the last of the Toki prints. They will no longer be making them after December. So if you see something you like, better scoop it up!
  2. Did they say which was the last print?

    Yeah my boyfriend wasn't home when I got this HUGE box from (since I ordered two each of pirata zucca, adios stellina, and pirata stellina) of course I returned three of the bags, but seeing that huge box would have made him go :nuts: or possibly :cursing: but most definitely :banned:
  3. Wait, how did you use your coupon on the website?
  4. no she didn't say but she did say that spiaggia (hawaiian print) was going to be for department stores only, not available online or in lesportsac stores. So if you want that one, better get your preorders in soon at pulse! I did mine today!
  5. Aww ok... And how did you use the coupon? -super curious-
  6. the coupon was that one you get when you get your card in the mail and it's 20% off, it says on the coupon for instores only but if you add your macys card to your online account profile, it gives you an online code. If you already have your card on your account, delete it, wait about 10 mins then add it again and it will generate you a new code. The lady at customer service told me to do it, I tried it and it worked! :yahoo: Saved me $214 and also because I have a platinum macys card, I get free shipping, so that saved me another $22
  7. Wow awesome! I'll try that next time I order at I wish I had been able to think of that my last order! :p
  8. SNAPCAT - they have an amore babinone at my you want the number, they charge ship.
  9. Yikes, that's alot of bags.
  10. I never even thought about a portotelephono. I'd like one of those for amore!
  11. whoa whoa whoa.. wait, what?? i thought they said spiaggia WAS going to be available in lesportsac stores & online!?!? ahhhh! what are we gonna do??
  12. That's what I had heard too. I thought Spiaggia was supposed to be available online through LeSportsac and in their stores. It was my understanding that Transporto was the print that would only be available in department stores later this year. Too much confusion!:nuts::confused1::weird:
  13. Thanks anyway spacytracy but I just won one off of eBay, bleh but I like the print placement :smile:
  14. Awesome deals! Great savings.
  15. Interesting since LeSportsac has already said they WILL have it online....