OMG! I just hit 10,000 posts!

  1. Well actually that was one post ago. Holy cow does time fly when I'm on TPF. And I'm such a chatty cathy.....:shame:
  2. ^^and we :heart: every minute of it! ;)congrats!:yahoo:
  3. ^^Yes we did!!!

  4. I think a great majority of posts in the past month or so have been in Vuittonamours thread! So hats off to her for starting it!
  5. Congrats! Please entertain us with 10,000 more.
  6. you need a life:lol: totally kidding! here's to 10,000 more :drinks:

    *note to self * must vist club bagnshoo
  7. Well, a whole bunch are in Relationships, giving your solid, no-nonsense views on situations! Really, I love reading your posts--keep 'em coming!
  8. having a good time here, bagnshoo? :yes: Congrats!!!
  9. Aside from being Sports Illustrated coverworthy, you are incredibly wise and provide countless gems of insight Bagnshoo. I always read your posts nodding my head at the way you articulate what many of us think. Congrats on 10,000 of them!!!
  10. Wow. At the rate I post it will take me years to get there! LOL...that's a lot of posting!
  11. WOW 10,000!!?? what do you do all day!? JK:graucho:
    man i hope reach that number one day. congrats:drinks:
  12. Awesome!!! I hope to reach 10k someday, I think I spend too much time reading and drooling over bags, and not enough posting :shame:
  13. Oh, congrats, congrats, CONGRATS!!!!

    I absolutely love your posts! You are just amazing, and that really comes through in your posts...I remember thinking I'd never hit a thousand, then whoa! There I was!

    You are a rock star! Toast to Bagnshoofetish!!!!!!!! :drinkup: For all your great insight, direction and pure awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up, GF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I second this!
  15. Congrats, bagnshoo! I love reading your posts! Keep 'em coming!!!