OMG!! I just had a rare thrill at work... a dark green 35cm Croc Birkin sighted!!!

  1. Let's just say, here in Washington, DC, it's very rare that you see a croc Birkin unless you are attending some way fancy smancy event in Chevy Chase...

    But lo and behold, as I was heading downstairs in my office...what did I see??? A dark green 35 cm CROC birkin with...get this...a blackberry in it's holster attached to the top! That poor poor croc!!!
  2. :wtf:
  3. Wow, I know it wasn't in my office though, LOL!
  4. Such disrespect! Let me have that bag. I'll take much better care of her.
  5. Dark green croc - I'll bet it was beautiful!!
  6. Oooooh, that sounds delicious!
    Until I got to the holster part.
    What a sharp eye you have Oz...
  7. i saw a green croc 35 with ghw yesterday in nyc and it was really gaudy --i thought it was too much
  8. well, let's just say considering the was a tad much. But considering my Rouge H was sitting upstairs in my office desparately wanting to meet it's distant first cousin once removed, I guess I shouldn't make comments about the environment being inappropriate for a croc. But still, the bag was stunning and I was trying not to stare. LOL.
  9. What an exciting sighting! Except for the blackberry...ouch! :push:

    I was excited to see a black togo 30cm at work the other never see real H around here and I work at a Health and Swim Club so we normally just see gym bags.:lol:
  10. It must have been stunning, I am a sucker for dark rich colors in croc....
  11. My mother has a dark green P. croc Birkin with PH. It is stunning! A bit over the top for me, but absolutely stunning. She hasn't brought it to work in awhile but I've been hounding her so I can take a photo to post here...
  12. next time ask for a pic.....:tup: so we can see it beauty:drool: