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  1. [​IMG]Im dying its so hot..LOL....[​IMG]
  2. I need to clean my camera lense..LOL..there are spots on the coat that arent really there..hee.hee.
  3. wow... it is GORGEOUS!!!!!
  4. AM I insane to keep it if Im allergic to it..ROTFLMAO...I wheeze around wool and fur..I already have a few Prada coats..BUT I think I MUST have this one and suffer..LOL!!!!!
  5. Its actually not a bad price for a Prada coat..its $2415..Got it sent in 2 sizes from Prada NY.....I need the bigger size I think...
    The charm detail on top really is TDF IRL..So classy looking
  6. that is so pretty!!! but i dont think you should keep it if you are allergic. =(
  7. It's gorgeous!!!
  8. The charms are cute! But if it itches you, don't keep it!
  9. A little benedryl...and........LMAO!
  10. If you're asleep when you're wearing it, you won't enjoy it. It sure is cute, though.
  11. Omg Jill that is one amazing coat!! :love: I love it!!! But if it's making you sick I don't know...
  12. That coat is divine:love: re your allergy - thats dedication Jill! LOL
  13. Oh my!!! That coat is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  14. Great coat! LMAO, can you still have wine with the Benedryl? Sort of limits when you'll want to wear the coat...

    I feel for you, I can't wear most wool, it itches too much. And no feathers, no down anything.
  15. ^ME TOO! The other Prada coat I just bought has no wool..You should look at was 1580...It so sucks!!I hate being limited by allergies
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