OMG I just got my 1st BBag!!!!

  1. Oh My, I just got my Mastic City in the mail. I am breathless. I had never seen one IRL. I had seen fakes in the past that were OK.
    The leather is Unbelievable and the yummy:heart: smell.
    My only problem is deciding whether to use this or my chloes- it's sooo light compared to the others.:yahoo:
    mastic1.JPG mastic2.JPG
  2. Here is a Pic out in the sun:tup:
  3. Congratulations shes a beauty. :tender:
  4. I don't think you can click and enlarge the thumbnails....hmmmm, don't know why. I just attached pics. Is there something else i need to do so you can click on them?
  5. Very pretty color, congrats on your first bbag!
  6. Congrats! It's looks pretty in that style.
  7. Thank You!!!! i am soooo excited, how do you not want more:nuts:
  8. That is just beautiful!! Congrats!! The color reminds me of 05 Caramel. :heart: Use it and enjoy it!!! Oh, and you will want more. That's a promise! ;)
  9. Very nice bag!
    Now you are hooked !
  10. Ahhhhh I'm so jealous! Congratulations on your fabulous new bag. I want one so bad!
  11. OMG i love your little puppies :nuts:and congrats on your new bag.:yahoo:
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats chloe! We're 1st time Bbag gals today! LOL
  13. Oh yes Twiggers! lets get the Champagne out:wlae:
    Thanks every one for the congrats:heart:
    This is also the first time i ever was able to post pictures.
  14. modeling Pics!
  15. congrats!! she's so pretty! :heart: