OMG!!! I just found the JOLICOEUR Tote Bag with pink stripes. SO HAPPY!=)

  1. OMG!!!!! I'm going crazy right now!!:yahoo: I've called everywhere in the US trying and hoping they have the Jolicoeur Tote Bag with pink stripes. I know its sold out everywhere. But I still didn't gave up.:p And today the Hawaii stores were the last on my list to call. The first two store were out of it and I started to loose hope. Because theres only one more store to call on list. So I called I was thinking..ok she might say it's sold out too. And when she said she don't think they have it any more. At the moment I wanted to cry.....but she said she will double check for me. And guess what she GOT it for me!!!!:wtf: It was the last one and maybe it's the last one in the US!!! I am SO HAPPY right now!!!:yahoo::heart: I'll post pics when I receive it. Can't wait till it come.:nuts:
  2. congrats on getting a hold of the bag you've been wanting!!~ be sure to show us pics of your new bag when you get it! ^^
  3. :wlae: So happy for you! :wlae:
  4. aww thank you girls.:heart: For those girls who have the bag...can you please post a pic of it in action? I want to see how big it would look like. Thanks:heart:333
  5. Congratulations! I love your determination in calling every store!
  6. congrats!!
  7. OMG!!!! Congrats... So happy for you
  8. Feel so happy for you! Did you get the medium or large one?
  9. It should be the medium. how much was the large?
  10. congrats!!!
  11. yay, congrats!!
  12. congrats :heart:
  13. YAY! My Jolicoeur Tote is here!:yahoo::yahoo::love: It's so pretty. Now I have a bag to match my wallet. lol Can't wait to wear it later.


  14. It's so cute, congrats!
  15. It's super cute!