OMG! I just did something I haven't been doing for a very long time!

  1. And that is, I just purchased a purse from BLUEFLY!:nuts:

    I haven't seen this purse in real life, so I'll still have to see how it is when it arrives... But if it turns out to be a keeper, I owe a thank to my friend. I was helping her search for certain past season Diors. When I got to Bluefly, I just clicked CHANEL from the list of the designer, just for kicks. To my surprise, they didn't only have their few pairs of shoes. They also had a black purse!:graucho:
  2. Oooooo, which one did you get?? I love bluefly!
  3. I saw that bag this morning and the next thing I knew it was gone! Congrats on snagging it!. I think it was from the mademoiselle line.

    Show pics when you get it.
  4. congrats! ~ i hope you :heart: it!
  5. Really, snibor? That's odd. It was available upto 15 minutes ago before I grabbed it. I wonder what happened.
  6. Someone probably put it into their shopping cart while they considered buying it. Then Bluefly removed it from their cart after some time.

    Congratulations to you!:yahoo:
  7. It looks nice! Congratulations to you :tup:
  8. I hardly see any Chanel handbags on Bluefly these days ... lucky you! Congrats!
  9. Thank you, guys! I'd really have to have see how everything goes but so far, it doesn't look too bad. And apparently, I'll have 90 days to decide.;) Even if I decide to return it, I wouldn't feel that bad about the shipping fee either, as I used a $30 off code sent by Bluefly two weeks ago.:whistle:
  10. Ooh! And I found a pic from the reference thread that's almost the same. I want to say they are actually the same bags but one in this pic looks much larger than one from Bluefly.


    The model does remind me of Angelina Jolie but even with Joliesque skinny body, that bag's gotta be wider than 8 inches, don't you think?:rolleyes:
  11. oh it's beautiful :yes:
    congrats :yahoo:
  12. ahhh, the Mademoiselle! Congrats!
  13. Wow, lucky girl! I bought from BlueFly for the first time this past Christmas and I'm very satisfied with their service. Please post modeling pics when you receive it!
  14. Oh I saw that!! It was like ~$1200 right? Is that a good deal? Sorry, I'm not very familiar with the prices yet.

    I love the bag! I am very happy for you.