OMG, I just cracked my windscreen with my padlock!!

  1. I just came back from doing some shopping, put my paddy on my (clean) bonnet while I was unloading the car, anyway the top flipped over and the padlock hit my windscreen. Now I have a huge crack in it! :wtf:

    (You will be happy to know that paddy survived unhurt!)
  2. :push::sweatdrop: Oh dear. Glad the paddy is ok!
  3. What bad luck! Sorry this happened to you. :oh:
  4. Oh my, how unlucky was that. I'm really sorry. It's a good reminder that this bag can do some damage if you decide to swing it at someone, so people had better watch out for girls with Paddies!
  5. LOL, I was thinking the same! :roflmfao:
  6. Oh no!

    I was at my partners graduation last night and need to take a trip to the ladies and hit a few ppl with my moyen's lock.... well they wouldnt move to let me through!
  7. Thats so funny! :roflmfao: I will have to try that next time someone won't move!
  8. exactly, bagsnatchers watch out!
  9. sorry to hear that! i always knew that paddy lock was dangerous!
  10. That is so funny... lol i'm sorry about the windscreen but... sorry I have to go and laugh my stomach out...
  11. Wow, those things are lethal! Sorry about the damage to your windshield.
  12. oh how terible:shocked:, BUT cant imagine what the insurance company will think:shrugs:
  13. mm, i don't think i'll tell them my bag caused it! Although, it could give them a good laugh.
  14. I might if I were you, it would give them a highlight to the day. I imagine all they ever hear about is injuries, deaths, rocks, but not padlocks on bags :roflmfao:.
  15. hehe really thats so funny, thats the sort of thing that woulde happen to me