OMG!!!! I just bought the CR campeggio. Please tell me it's OK!!!!

  1. it looks ok to me. i think you'll be ok.
  2. I think it's beautiful. :smile: I have one and use it all the time.
  3. Well, if (1) you love CR and you don't have any other bags in it, and (2) that print won't be at the outlets, so you pretty much have to get it off eBay, and (3) you really like the print placement, then I'd say you did the right thing. I've only regretted buying one bag on eBay (and that's only because I have 7 other bags in that print), and I've regretted NOT buying far more than that.

    So if you are looking for an "enabler" here -- well, I say you did good! It's a beautiful bag, I bet you'll love it!
  4. ahh... I sooo badly want a citta rosa bag. I've been eyeing out the sculoa or bambino from 73papasmurfs, but idk... the bf is not going to be happy! well congrats! it's beautiful:smile:
  5. looks authentic to me?? congrats!
  6. that's pretty cool placement! :] i'd say you did the right thing, as long as you can afford it~
  7. looks authentic to me too..congratz!
  8. Hi, think it's ok as it's not like way high over retail.. That was in my watchlist too. Congrats!!!
  9. Congrats... Citta Rosa has really grown on me.. I really like it now... It's like when I first saw the inferno, I liked it but it was no big deal. But now I LOVE IT.. I want to buy another bag but I cant.. My husband got mad at me today.. It took him a few days to get mad at me... lol oh well... But you got a really cute bag and should be happy... :happydance:
  10. It's so cute! I like how the superman character ended up on the front pocket. It looks authentic to me and the seller seems to be reliable.

    Danelys: My husband gets mad at me ALLL the time about buying Tokis. I just point out all the stuff he buys and then he's quiet. Another option is to hide stuff you get =)

  11. haha... i hide some of the toki's i get them show them one at a time... so he doesn't get all pissy at once!!
  12. its great! congratz!
  13. meluvbags31, Mama22Boys, Eejit, ezaryah, vmasterz, kkiimm, birki, veyonce, Danelys, ladybugpoop, Azumie - thanks! feeling a little bit better about the buy.

    i am notorious for impulse buys! i'm just hoping this bag doesn't turn out to be BUYER's REMORSE!! :push:

    for some reason i just feel so guilty everytime i buy something now. maybe it's bc i know we need to save money for a house and future kids.... :sad:
    but i think i'll feel better once i get the bag! :yahoo:

    Danelys: lol. so i guess the shirts and cakes didn't work for long! need to find a new strategy! :graucho:

    ladybugpoop: my husband gets mad at me too! too bad i can't point out all the stuff he buys, bc he never buys anything!! (but i have hidden all my bags except for 2!) shhhh! :lol:

    ezaryah: i do exactly the same thing! lol. makes them think it's just once in a while instead of all in one shot!!
  14. The shirt hasnt arrived yet so I cross my He was in such a mood yesterday. I knew it was too good to last... I'm telling you, I married a cheapo... lol oh well.. I'm selling a much of things on ebay to get some money to pay for my zucca... Once my tokis gets here he can yell all he want but I wont care.. I'll be doing a happy dance...:happydance::wlae::party: