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  1. PHH is a simple man..LOL....he needs an everyday watch(with a metal band) to wear in the Emergency deptmt at his work..Meaning itll get covered in gunk...eek!
    I went to my Jeweler and the ONLY watch I TOTALLY fell in love with was a Breitling.It cost THOUSANDS..AM I NUTS to get this as a work watch for him???Even my daughter fell in love with it too.Anyone have any knowledge on this type of watch?
    Hope he loves it..It was alot more than I planned on spending..BUT he is SO WORTH IT!:heart:
  2. Aww so sweet of you! I'm sure your DH will LOVE you for it, and for sure LOVE the watch too! :yes: Breitlings also tend to hold value over time and I'm sure it can handle a lil gunk or so! What model did you get him?
  3. ^LOL! No clue what model it is!I had them wrap it there too so I cant look....its just SO HIM! its a sporty looking watch..glow in the dark numbers..everything he likes in a watch..SUPER handsome really caught my eye!I tried to find something in the 1500-2000 dollar range..BUT that DID NOT happen!!ROFL!
  4. You said it yourself! It's perfect. Congrats. Lucky guy!
  5. I can't wait to see it.
  6. i own a ladies breitling. i got it in may '06 and i love it. it is a ss with diamond bezel, mop face and diamond hour markers. it is quartz as are all of the ladies. the men of course have mechanicals available. i never thought i would spend five grand for a quartz watch. i fell in love with it after seeing a gal on another forum post pics of hers. she just raved about it and i fell for it. i did quite a bit of research before i purchased it and i think you and you hubby will love it.:yes:
  7. my brother has one. it cost like 5000. yikes!
  8. i bought my man one 5yrs ago. Its a great everyday watch and can take a real beating!!! we're just now taking it in for maintenance, which is kinda bad to go so long w/o any checkups... but that jus goes to show u, how long they can last. congrats!
  9. Breitlings are the only watches that my Fiancee likes...he also likes Rolex, but feels that that is an 'older man's' watch that he will want to wear when he is a bit older.

    He is planning on getting the Breitling 'Bentley' watch...there are several of them, but there is one in particular that he is in love with!

    Congrats on the new watch!! I am sure your hubby will love it!
  10. I have a Breitling that my folks got me for my college craduation present. It is an amazing watch and I love it.
    Good choice!
  11. That's a really sweet thing to do!

    I'm sure he'll appreciate your gift loads! :yes:
  12. IMO a good timepiece is always a perfect gift. Since it is sporty I don't think it's inappropriate to wear at work. (IMO cheap watches are tacky.:yucky: )
  13. My fiance has two Breitlings, he got one first, then loved it so much, had to get another one. Those watches has taken a lot of abuse with him traveling, scuba diving, and they still look great, so they will last. :yes: He will definitely like it! Good choice!!!
  14. my bf absolutely loves breitling, and i think they're very beautiful well-made watches.

    jill, did the jewelry store give you any discount? when my bf bought it we got it from this store in delaware (an authorized dealer) that gave him 20% off. we drove all the way there to get it since there's no sales tax in delaware (that's 7% off already!). they were willing to ship it out but he wanted to see it in person and carry it home. it's like his little baby.