OMG! I just bought a Violet Matinee

  1. From HauteChick on eBay. $460 + $20 shipping and insurance. I saw it... and my hand hit that mouse like a maniac.

    OK, time for a ban.:police:
  2. OMG. I was just on eBay like 1 minute ago and didnt see it. Did you like buy it the moment it was listed!

    Girl, that is intense! I applaud your quick thinking and rapid hand-to-mouse action! That is some serious skills! Thats what Im talking about!

  3. So Jenny...tell us.....are you doing the "naked dance" all over the house with martini in hand????!!!!
  4. YAY! Saw that on there earlier...congrats!
  5. No... I am speed-dialing my shrink:nuts:


    I don't even think you can buy this anywhere online right now either! That purple is just so beautiful!
  7. Hey-- it was fate.
  8. That reminds me of the Balenciaga Violet!!!!

    F:censor:K me.....but I'm seeing that bag for the first time in a whole new light!!!
  9. ^You will be so happy with it! Haute Chick is the best seller I have ever come across!
  10. Tiffany (Haute Chick) ROCKS!!! She is SO nice!

  11. Thanks girls. I was going to wait but there's nothing like instant gratification is there?

    Luna Boston has it for 655. So this was a very sound financial decision.
  12. Congrats! :woohoo:

  13. Thats an awesome price! Haute Chick does rock, all across the board!
  14. Instant Gratification sounds almost "orgasmic" now, doesn't it????
  15. Congrats! Sometimes it's rewarding to act before you think...:p