OMG.....I just bought a nice Raisin Sienna...

  1. OK I am definately certifiable......I am soooo excited I bought a Sienna raisin NWT (eBay) she accepted my counter offer of 360.00 (juggypoo) so I am pleased. I don't care much for the embossed ones and I have 3 bags in Bourbon already, so this will be a nice color and MY FIRST SIENNA......OK Shewolfey....who's crazier now??? Since you and seem to be on a roll. (think I can get my darling BF to give me this one for Christmas too??) :yahoo:
  2. Oh GOOD for YOU! You'll love this bag!! The raisin is simply stunning. I adore mine.

    Congrats, congrats! :tup:
  3. Thanks Grace...I can't wait!! I don't know how often they come up but I figured I had better buy it and don't regret later.
  4. Nice!! I ordered one for myself the other day, now I am up to 3 Siennas. I wish that I could add the MA, but I just cant do it!
  5. Shewolfy...I know you're just joshin us:graucho: LOL.....

    Actually I saw the MA bag when it was first listed too, but so much chatter here about it, I figure it will go high, and I had to make a split decision on the raisin one. I wish I would have bought the MA sienna that ended 8-8 on eBay (was it the one Lexie had?) Just my luck I saw it after it was over (and pre-Kooba craziness) Anyway I hope you get it for your bid price, wouldn't that be simply marvelous darling???
  6. Oh, Congrats to you on that beauty! Love the color & hope to see pics soon!
  7. Will do Rosenpetals.... have to get them together for a group photo. I'm a little backlogged....I'm going to have to lay low for awhile after this one. I really do not want to spoil Christmas, sometimes I feel a little guilyt ya know.=)
  8. Yah, I know..but hey, I've been a good girl lately, so if I find something I like & want, it will be mine.
    Just think of your Sienna as an investment that will not lose value! These are getting harder & harder to find, so swooping on them when opportunity presents itself is only a good thing. :tup:
  9. I don't think that was mine. I bought a second MA Sienna in July and sold my duplicate on August 3rd. But the auction was only up for about .2 seconds before Nunnla grabbed it. That lady has some quick typing fingers.
  10. I am going to go back and forth about a hundred times before that auction is over...
  11. For some reason I thought it was yours, but Nunnla did get a beauty....someday when I get money replenished (like 2008) maybe another will come up. You do have beautiful bags though Lexie. :smile:
  12. Well if you get tired of going back and forth....I'll do it for you, even though I've already bought will be a nerve racking auction that's for sure. Sometimes just for kicks, even whe I'm not bidding, I like to tune in and keep hitting the refresh button in the end of a fast paced auction. (Do I need a life or WHAT? :roflmfao:)
  13. That's an excellent price for your Raisin Sienna. Congrats to you - seriously, that's really awesome. I can't wait for you to post some beautiful pictures! :tup::heart:

  14. Jeez, I thought that I was bad... Just kidding, now you gave me a great idea!!
  15. Pictures of the"group" forthcoming JChiara and thanks for the congrats Grace. Can't wait until it gets here. She says she will mail Wed. =)