OMG, I just bought 4 pairs of shoes at Macy's for under $100!!

  1. All the shoes were on already on sale, then an extra 40% off and I also had a 20% off coupon that I just got w/my new macy's card and also a $15 off coupon.

    I totally made out like a bandit!!

    So here is my haul:

    Rampage Jayden (red/black lace) - $49 retail - on sale for 40% off $29.40 - take an additional 40% off $17.64 - my 20% off coupon = $14.11

    Alfani Mavisdrp (scarlet) - $69 retail - on sale for 40% off $49.40 - take an additional 40% off $24.84 - my 20% off coupon = $19.87

    BCBG Tuya (black/pewter & dk mahogany) - $110 retail - on sale for 40% off $66.00 - take an additional 40% off $39.60

    - my 20% off coupon (for the brown) = $31.68
    - my $15 off coupon (for the black) = $24.60

    So total I spent - $90.26 when it should have cost me $338 which is approx 73% off!! YAY!!


    I will post pics in a second, have to resize them.
    lace1.jpg lace2.jpg red1.jpg red2.jpg
  2. these are the BCBG:
    black1.jpg black2.jpg brown1.jpg brown2.jpg
  3. great finds!! those are some gorgeousss shoes
  4. wow...i went to macy's the other day hoping to find the steve madden tianna shoes on sale...but it was still full price....i was so disappointed because last week those shoes were on sale on their website for $47. BOO HOO!!!
  5. great deals!
    how did u get the 20% coupon pass..i can't seem to find one online
  6. ^^got it in the mail w/my new credit card

    but I think they are doing 15% w/o a coupon if you have a macys card
  7. wow.. good deal!
  8. Congrats on all those great finds! I never had luck using their coupons because of the department or the items being clearance items so I closed my account. I wish they had been more lenient. They have really good bargains sometimes.
  9. Congrats on your great deals!
    Whenever I go to Macy's for a sale, the one item I pick out is always excluded....:crybaby:
  10. Wow, that's an amazing deal! Congrats!
  11. Wow!!! fantastic deal. I'll have to get Macy's tonight or this weekend.
  12. greatt deal! ill have to drop by my macys this weekend!
  13. great deal! i love the bcbg pumps. :okay:
  14. I was wondering what I should get from Macy's with my discount cards. THANKS! I scored a pair of Steve Madden Bonti and Alfani for $10 each a few months ago!
  15. here's a modeling pic of the black bcbg's, I just love them! (w/the $20 target satin jacket I posted about)