OMG! I I unknowingly sold a FAKE

  1. I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum, but I will post both areas.

    I am so stress right now that I can't even think right.:crybaby:
    Awhile back, I bought a LV Damier Triana on Ebay from a powerseller & MyPouppette reccommended seller. First thing before I purchase what I had it authenticated by Carol from MyPouppette. The datecode is SL1021 and she is confident that it was real. I bought it for $750 and took more pictures to send to Carol to make sure. She said everything looks find and from the pictures it was good. I also took it to the St. Louis LV boutique. I don't know if the sales rep. is new, but she quickly inspected it and confirm that it was real. I was so proud carrying it and knowing that it was authentic.

    I recently sold it to an Ebayer and she took it to a LV store and they said that it is not authentic. I'm so confused and upset right now. Before she bought it, I gaurantee and would refund her money only on the authenticity. Do you think people like Carol and the sales rep. can make a mistake? I don't want to think so, because this is so embarassing. I only buy authentic LV and would never do anything illegal. A little part of me tells me that maybe the buyer is just wanting to return it. Please help me...:crybaby:

    Here's the link to the old listing:

    Also, here's the letter that the lady wrote to me today, with a picture attach:

    Well, I hate the be the bearer of bad news. I took it to the Dallas Galleria LV store. I didn't notice right away, but here is a picture of the different metals on the handles...clearly not the intracacy of an authentic LV. They pay attention to the five stitches that go into every handle angle stiches, I know this is not a defect LV would have missed. Plus, the shading of the leather is slightly brighter than my real darnier canvas. Therefore, I will be going to hte post office momentarily. Once you receive it a prompt refund of my money would be appreciated. (please look at picture that she sent me...I don't understand).


  2. That's a really sticky situation.

    Especially since you yourself took it to LV to have authenticated.

    Just cover all your bases and make sure you are not a victim of bait and switch but this person. make sure they are sending you the exact bag that you sent them

    On the other hand if in fact you did sell the person a fake then you should return the money immediately when you get the bag. BUT you first must determine that YOU are not the one being scammed.

    Good luck
  3. First of all, does the pic look like the bag you sent her? I would not just assume she is correct.

    Right now you have Carol AND a LV SA who confirmed the bag is real.

    Ask the buyer for the name and SA who authenticated the bag for her.

    Buyer remorse or bait and switch may be rearing it's ugly head.
  4. I thought LV no longer authenticates. I have askes several different boutiques in the past and they will have nothing to do with it. Hmmmmmm.
  5. :lecture:
  6. The boutique in St. Louis does it. I guess on a personal bases, but they can't give it in writing.
  7. Naaaah. ^^

    That may be a corporate rule but I have great relationships w/ several SA's and they always take a look at my bags.

    I guess it just depends on who you are and your relationship w/ the SA.
  8. I would make her like fax you a written copy of something from the SA on LV stationary...otherwise you could become a victim of bait-and-switch.

    nvm...I just read that they can't give it in writing...this is definitely a sticky situation.
  9. If this bag really turns out fake, I will probably be done with Ebay (only buying namebrand bags). I examined the bag and the stitching, LV logo, and the quality looks excellent. I guess they can make good quality fakes. What ashame.
  10. hmmm... I can't see the differences on the stitching and the metal...maybe you should email Carol again and let her know about it. If the buyer already shipped the bag back to you, you just have to make sure that in fact it was your bag that she returned. Ebay can be such a hassle sometimes, especially dealing with selling authentic items.
  11. There is a seller on ebay that sends their bags with security tags on it, and once the tag is removed you are unable to return the bag, I think this is a good idea to prevent Dishonest buyers from trying to get over.
  12. I would take the buyers feedback into consideration here. I would hope that this buyer isn't trying to scam you and send you back a fake. Be careful.
  13. Just don't quckly jump into conclusion that your bag is fake. You already have Carol and an LV SA authenticated it, so there is still a probability that it is real. She could just change her mind and try to find excuses to return the bag. Ask for a LV Manager to confirm that it is not authentic, and also ask for that manager contact number so you contact the manager. Good luck.
  14. I just sent a message with pictures again to Carol. So I hope she reply back about the authenticity.

    The lady said she mailed it today, so I can't ask her to take a picture. I got my pictures with the Datecode, just in case she send a different one.

  15. Geez - I am hoping she is not pulling a bait and switch. Did you mark the bag before you sent it to her? I guess she would not be able to do this with the datacode correct?