OMG !!! I hope Lindsay is Not A "Cutter" !!

  1. [​IMG]OMG!!!!!!!!! When Lindsay Lohan was photographed leaving the World Music Awards in London, some disturbing red marks were clearly visible on her wrist leading to speculation that she self-mutilates.

    Have recent troubles in LiLo's life taken their toll on the young starlet? According to Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay's publicist, "She scraped herself badly in a fall in some bushes. She had bandages for a couple of days but it looks worse than it is."
    Umm....weren't those bandages from a sprain Lindsay suffered during New York Fashion Week? Get your stories straight, girl!
  2. Hmmm...I hope she will get some help..
  3. I hope there's a better explanation for those cuts :s
  4. Those look like scratches more than cuts as they don't look very deep.
  5. I don't think she's cutting.
  6. Looks like she needs to get her cat declawed. ;)
  7. She fell and broke her wrist. Maybe she got cut in the fall? Skin can split too.

    What really worries me is that she thinks that orange makeup looks good. Now that spells mental disturbance. :nuts:
  8. Yea, they look like scratches to mee too - like what my cats do to me when they don't want to be picked up or something. i wouldn't worry about it.
  9. Lindsay Lohan recently sent out shock waves when the young starlet was spotted leaving the World Music Awards with series of shocking cuts on her wrist.
    Immediately there was speculation that Lindsay was a cutter. But perhaps this story may offer a new -- albeit less dramatic -- reason why LiLo left looking scarred.

    At the ceremony in London, Lindsay was greeted not with cheers, but jeers, and later bailed as main host of the ceremony. Each time she took to the stage, she was faced with booing, and appeared visually upset.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, half way through the show Lindsay fell down a flight of stairs backstage. She then gave up her spot as the main presenter, with her role being taken over by the individual presenters.

    The troubled actress was not seriously hurt, at least not hurt enough to affect her partying ways. And that is when Lindsay was spotted partying afterwards, with scratches on her wrist and a blue band-aid on her finger.

    So, folks, does that solve the mystery? Or is this merely a cover-up for something far more shocking? (I mean, it is Lindsay Lohan after all.)
  10. They don't look deep enough to be deliberate cuts. (And they look to randomly placed. I'm not familiar with cutting, but wouldn't they be more meticulously placed up and down her wrist?)
  11. I agree. Don't look like cuts to me - not very precise. They seem like scratches.
  12. not only that she likes flashing the crowd...
    she really needs to act her age.
  13. god I sure hope that's not true :sad: sad indeed and I hope people around her help her through it.

    and yeah it could be a scratch from a cat.
    seems like a bit much though but I guess that depends on the cat and what happened with it...
  14. Umm, well I can't believe I am going to admit this but I cut myself in the past and my cuts were pretty shallow and they were never perfect. I didn't make them too look pretty. They did look similar to those. HOWEVER I can't imagine she would put them there as opposed to a more hidden place unless she wants the attention. Mine were always up much further to wear long sleeves or on my thighs!?!
  15. I don't know I don't think so, when she was on Oprah talking about the movie Bobby, she had a bandage on that same wrist.:shrugs: