OMG I have such a craving for...

  1. Krispy Kremes!! ARGHHH!!

  2. Mmmm!!! I can eat a whole box in one sitting! :drool:
  3. I've seen a great recipe for Krispy Kreme breadpudding on Yum!
  4. ^^ It is killer!!! When DH does something REALLY outstanding I make it for him.
  5. There are no more Krispy Kremes in the Boston area. They made a huge deal of bringing them here several years back and they closed all of them within 3 years. It's not a bad thing because I would eat them too frequently. Shaw's grocery stores sells them but they're probably previously frozen.
  6. mm... best when they are hot!
  7. When they first opened in N. California, they were popular. But now there are never any lines and are usually empty. A little too sweet for my taste.
  8. i've never had one of these donuts.... i'm more of a cookie person
  9. I've been here in the States for almost a month now and havent seen a single donut place! I thought donuts were meant to be really popular here??
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I have not yet given in to my craving...but I feel my willpower cracking LOL
  11. Yeah, most of the ones around here closed. I'm not a big fan of glazed/ yeast donuts, so I was never crazy over them. I do like Dunkin Donuts though. Once in a blue moon I'll get a couple chocolate or coconut munchkins with my coffee :graucho:
  12. I haven't had one of these in years! i used to like them, but about three years ago I made a real effort to cut back on sweet stuff... guess I've lost my taste for them... used to be just the thought would push me out the door... now, not so much!
  13. Then go out and get some!! I'm lucky I've never really liked donuts, I don't know what would become of me if I did LOL.
  14. ^^enabler! hehe

    I'll have to do an extra gazillion hours on the bike this week to work them off. If it wasn't for that I'd already be laying on the couch rubbing my tummy, lost in a happy glaze haze. :biggrin:

    Mmmm...Krispy Kremes. I may have to finally give in.
  15. We don't have them here, but I've been dying to try one ever since I saw it on SATC.