OMG! I have ORANGE boxes under my tree!

  1. HOLY COW! DH just came home from his Christmas shopping! He brought me TWO Blue boxes (one BIG and one SMALL!) and TWO ORANGE boxes! I've NEVER had an orange box for Christmas! :yahoo:

    It's not a bag, or a scarf box! And one of the Orange boxes is TINY! I'm dying to open them but, I can't! HE'S HOME! And he'll be here until CHRISTMAS! :push:

    How can I wait that long?! You guys HAVE to cheer me up!

    He went to "H"! All by himself! WOW! We have a strict Christmas budget (we're saving for the floors) so...I don't know HOW he managed to score me something from "H" AND T & Co.!

    Had to share! Am just desperate to open those boxes up! :nuts:
  2. what a sweet dh to try so hard to get you something you will love! So many days to go though. He's making you pay for it!
  3. wohoo!
  4. Woooo........hoooo
  5. Congrats!! Make sure you tell him that you want to open gifts on Christmas Eve!!!
  6. What an amazing man :woohoo:
  7. What a sweet DH! Take pics of the boxes and we can all have fun guessing with you!
  8. Thanks guys! Oh H'Bird! He is so *mean*! (you know I'm kidding). This is the best part of his Christmas! Watching me haunt the presents and then he'll mock scold me to stay away! Adorable!

    He IS a sweetie but, very strict on prezzies! No opening until Christmas! I have sooooo long to wait! I'm making sure I am NOT home for a chunk of Saturday! I'll finish my grocery shopping and take myself out to coffee! ANYTHING to keep me from the little wreath! (we didn't do the tree this year, DH was too swamped at work, and I was too tired with the knee thing).
  9. I CAN'T :crybaby:No cameras in the house! Mine died on my last trip (in October) and DH'd died this week! I can't take any pictures! I've got to send my camera back to the factory and see if they can fix it and DH's is so old! He's going to try a few things and then, if they don't work, he's going to replace the camera.

    And, of course, I've got a crappy old cellphone without a camera in it! ACK!
  10. I am so excited to see what is in those orange boxes! I am so happy and you totally deserve it!
  11. Awwww, A-T-G, I am so happy for you--I can feel your excitement all the way here in Alaska, and it couldn't happen to a nicer person :heart: Merry Merry orange and blue Christmas!!
  12. Ooohhhhh.. suspense... cannot wait...
  13. Congrats! What a wonderful and thoughtful Husband you have (an HLSO?) I can't wait to see what he has bought you! :tup:
  14. How sweet! I've been buying H items for my husband to try to get him to buy them for me! Sounds like yours came trained! Congratulations!!!
  15. ATG ~ You Need To Go Buy A Disposable Camara!!!!:nuts:......This Reminds Me Of Starr's Kelly Under The Bed:yes:

    ***What A Super Sweet DH!!!!:heart:

    I Wouldn't Be Able To Sit Still!!!!!!!:nogood: :nuts: