OMG I have No Internet Conn So I am Loosing My Mind...but I have Good News!!!

  1. It's like I've lost my head! My ISP has some problem with the tower my wireless is pointing to and I have no internet for the past 3 days!!! Talk about major withdrawal :crybaby:
    Anyways...enough drama...the good news is that I found a green Denim Baggy PM!!!!! :yahoo: I called 1866 and asked the SA and she said I am pretty sure those are sold out but let me verify for you. She said I have the pink. I said nah, I want the green please. She does her stuff and then says I see "one" but let me verify to make sure it's not a glitch or anything like that. She put me on hold and next thing I know i am speaking to another SA. He told me that he has onbe available and if I wanted it. I told him yes but I wanted him to send it to the Miami LV as I am going to be there next week and want to pick it up there. He said he has to check with the manager to find out if he could do that but that I could pay for it and he'll have it shipped to my home address. I told him I wanted to pay cash as I will not be home and cannot use my CC b/c they only ship to the billing address. make the story short, I told himn to put it on hold and I'll call him back on Monday as I was going to speak to my friend so that she could pay with her CC and then I'll give her the cash. As I am going to be in her house shipping it to her house won't be a problem. I am so excited! :wlae:
    The only down side is that the purchase won't be in my records :s But who cares cuz I am getting the bag!!!! :yahoo:

    I'll keep you guys update....from work :Push: as I have no idea when my internet will be back up. Wish me luck y'all!!!
  2. Wow...that's major withdrawal!!! No wonder I haven't seen you ..

    Congrats on new bag, I bet you can't wait to fly to Miami!! So excited for you!

    Good luck with the connection....
  3. Yay congrats.. glad you found it:smile:
  4. oooo, I love the green! Good luck!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats!!! I love the Denim Baggy PM in the Lichen/Green!!! That's awesome that you found one! I thought they were sold out! Wooohoo!:wlae::yahoo:
  7. congrats! i love the green denim!
  8. awesome!! cant wait to see pictures, I cant believe theres only one left, lucky girl haha.. and your friend is so nice to let you charge the LV to her CC!
  9. That's hot!
  10. Congratulations. That color is lovely.
  11. Congrats! I have green denim too, it's so cute! I can't wait to see your pics!
  12. Congrats!
  13. LOVE the green and the Baggy PM! now dont be like Denise Richards and ONLY use this bag!!!
  14. That is one awesome bag! Congrats on finding it and enjoy! I hope your internet is online again soon.
  15. Oh definitely I cannot wait to get to Miami. I'll be there for a week on Thanksgiving. I will take pics as soon as I get the Baggy PM and post them...I can't wait!!! :yahoo:

    I'm going home now :sad: to no civilization :crybaby:
    Catch you guys Monday! Bye for now.

    ETA: LOL @ Matt.