OMG* I have had the worst week...AND THEN...

  1. I just arrived back home (I have been out of town) and found the mail on the counter...

    I found tucked among my Chrstmas cards an envelope with an address I didn't recognized - I opened it and found a LOVELY Christmas card with an eBay GC in it from a FELLOW tPFer!!! :nuts: OMG I started to cry. I am so touched!! I am on a major emotional roller coaster right now ~ along with SEVERAL potent prescriptions at the moment so the tears just seem to flow... My hubby got up to see what I was dripping about and was in shock as well! I kid you not ~ his words were - tPF? isn't that that purse thing you are always logged into- are you kidding me?!? WOW

    No joke - you know who you are and all I can say is you totally provided me with a brighter moment! I had been dealing with dark ones and now I cannot stop sobbing - happy sobbing - but sobbing. :crybaby:

    I was pulling myself back together and went to the front door ~ where of course my hubby left all the packages that arrived while I was gone ~ I started opening them rather anxiously as my ETOYS package HAS NOT made it here yet - and I was still kind of blurry eyed peeling the tape of a package and inside it were some items already wrapped. :confused1: I start to really grow concerned as I know I did not ask for anything to be gift wrapped and I pull out the items and flip back to the front of the bag and start to make out a name ... OMG ~ there was a card ~ this is not happening! ~ OMG - another fellow tPFer sent me a PACKAGE!! Holy Crap ~ I shout - stubbing my toe ~ so I yelled for my hubby and some percocet...(of course)

    Anyway ~ You TOO know who you are and I just want to say for me right now there are no words.

    You girls have literally made me SMILE and actually gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that I desperately needed!!!

    Here are the pic of the goodies sorry they are blurry but I have not unpacked my stuff since I got home ~ but wanted to post and say - right away - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    I just LOVE you guys!!! :love:

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :flowers:

    Card and GC

    Packaged Goodies!
  2. I too experienced the generosity of tPF members this week and I was completely blown away, just like you were. You deserve it all forenfinal. You are a lovely lady and a great asset to this forum. :love: I wish you health & happiness this new year. Congrats on your sweet presents!!
  3. I completely agree. You are extremely deserving. I am so appreciative for all the help you've given me. And the lovely items you've sold me! I truly hope that your 2008 begins on a brighter note than the end of your 2007. And we're always here for support!
  4. What a wonderful story!! :heart: I'm glad tPFers were able to brighten your day. Thank you for all the help you provide so many of us. I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy New Year. :flowers:
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
  6. I just love you guys!! :girlsigh:

    I wish the same for each and everyone of you and yours!!

    Happy Holidays! :drinkup:
  7. wishing you all a safe and joyous holidays! Forenfinal, you deserve nothing but the best. thank you for all your help!
  8. YeaY!!:yahoo: TPFers always brighten up the day!
  9. That's SO sweet of them! Wow....hope you have a beautiful Holiday :yes: :heart:
  10. ^ Thats so wonderful and sweet!

    I have to ask do other members know your mailing address???
  11. I was asked by a trusted poster ~ They said another tPFer wanted to send me a card :sneaky:
    WHAT A FIBBER!!! :winkiss:
  12. aaaaaaaaaaw....i'm so emotional this month its bananas and i read this and i cried!!!!:crybaby:I'm sooo happy that you are feeling better Forenfinal!!! YEY!!! You're so super nice and helpful to everyone and even to newbies like me!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  13. aw that is so nice. things like that are always great when they are unexpected. there are so many ladies on this mj forum that have such big hearts. whatevers wrong, i hope it all changes for you in the new year. i think i can speak for everyone when i say this, but you've been such a big help on this forum; you are so friendly. i hope you have a wonderful christmas with your family!

    oh, and a little percocet never hurt anyone :angel:
  14. AWWW...I am misty now!
  15. AWHHHHHHHH! this is so sweet! you totally deserve them forenfinal, you're a great person and an asset to TPF....i love this place. happy holidays everyone, big ole MJ group hug!