OMG,I have been duped

  1. :hysteric:Won a bid on a BN1057 Handbag messenger style from authenticbrandsseller..after sending the payment, I checked and lo and behold it had been sent to

    I don't know what to first ever fake purchase..

    Please I need lots of advice!!!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. Item number: 140169178631
  3. Yep, you have been. Since you've already paid for it but don't have it yet, I'm not sure what you can do except email the seller and request a refund. You can also try using the Live Chat function on eBay and explain it to them. Maybe they can offer a suggestion.
  4. UGH..that stinks! SO SORRY!
    This is why I will NEVER buy on eBay...sigh!
  5. Thanks ladies..this is annoying. I will contact the seller for a refund.
  6. Please check the PF's eBay subforum. There are a lot of advices of how to deal with purchasing fakes.
  7. Ug...that just sucks. Hope it gets worked out okay!