OMG! I have been blessed by a ROAK and Maria is a co-conspirator!


NE/SE and lovin' it!
Oct 26, 2008
Yesterday, I received an email from first I thought it was a mistake or a prank I logged on to Ignes, chatted with Maria, and then she called me.

I have to quote part of the email verbatim..please forgive me whoever you are if you don't want the details publicized....because I want everyone here to know how overwhelmed I am:

"I wanted to let you know you will soon receive a surprise. You can choose ANY Ignes design , and customize it to your exact specifications, and you will receive it as a gift from someone!"

I know I am often guilty of long detailed posts. Sometimes it is to get a point across..other times it is to give details to help somone..or to describe something. This is going to be another one. So for those of you who don't like reading long posts, you can skip everything and only choose to read any of the paragraphs I posted in bold type and in blue.

But when it comes to this..I am struggling..I will do my best..I can't even find the words to say what is in my heart. Nothing that I post will be right. This is a true ROAK..and I hope whatever higher power you believe in..(if you do..or fate..or whatever you do believe in..a code of ethics..religious or not..) rewards you in kind..and I mean kind in every sense of the word.

Whoever you person :ninja:or a group of people :ninja::ninja::ninja:.I don't know what I did to deserve this. I thank you.

I was going to wait to post once this creation was in prototype, but I can't. It may take me until after February to finalize the details. So I have to tell you..whoever you are, right now, how much this means to me..and that whatever I select will be a symbol to me that there are truly wonderful people out there in the world.

I have decided to ask Maria to stamp a word or two on the inside instead of initials or my name, something special to remind me of this special person and this special selfless act..I will figure out which one and when I open the bag I will see it each and every time.

Argh..this is coming out wrong...what I mean to say is that it's not just about the gift of a purse..although that is so special that no matter what I say it's won't be enough to express my is also about the gift of a person..of friendship; a truly generous gesture that I want to acknowledge in public here on the Ignes forum. I would thank you in private if I knew who you are.:love:

If you didn't want public thanks, I apologize. There is so much animosity in the world, and my faith in people sometimes gets shaken, but this reminded me that for every person who causes another heartache, or hurt, who gets snarky behind someone's back, or in public, there are others who go above and beyond kindness..this is a true Random Act of is way beyond kindness...I am stunned by this..truly stunned.

I will NOT make my Ignes friends insane the way I did the last time when it comes to designing this bag..although I would love it if the Maria would act as a go-between so that the ROAKer would be able to give me input throughout the process and share the whole experience..please please tell Maria that you will do this..I promise not to strongarm her for any information about who you are.

I do not want to get crazy with colors or combinations because I want this to be a classic, something that will last me a lifetime. I spoke to Maria who told me about what is going on..I am not going to rush this...I may wait until the Spring..I just want to let you know.

I've been in a bit of a funk for the past few weeks..IDK if my secret Ignesister knew this or thank you again.

Although I often have trouble resizing my photos, I am learning and will get help so please know this, I promise I will post a reveal when the time comes.

Thank you,thank you, thank you, for so many reasons I can't express, whoever you are.:hugs: :smooch::tender:



NE/SE and lovin' it!
Oct 26, 2008
Thank you so much Irainei and Duranie.

I had told you all that I wasn't going to be around Ignes much for the time being because I am not buying much..even from HH...but I would be around as a voyeur of purse porn and an occasionally poster on the chat or some reveal threads..but I really like many of you a lot because although I said when I first began to post here, HH was my homebase for the most part, I came to know and like so many of you who welcomed me here :hugs:

I haven't been on TPF as much as I used to.."stuff" going on..but...

I had to post about this...(oh...and also about Ms. Liz's gorgeous Virginia..and probably more reveals as the forum gets busy again..)..I'll keep in touch on the chat..and the reveals..and once this gets started..I will keep everyone in the loop..I need my ROAK to answer a question though..I will contact Maria and ask her if she minds being the go between if you agree..I just don't know how to do this.

I don't want to take advantage of someone's generousity..I'm stilll so overwhelmed..IDK if it's one of of my HH friends who knows I love Ignes bags..or a crossposter..but whoever you are....:hugs:


Mar 19, 2006
Yay!! I love the spirit that has been on the forum lately with all these givings and giftings!! So nice to know that we are surrounded by such a great bunch of individuals! I am so pleased to hear this and so glad you shared it with us! I know this will truly be a bag you treasure for many years to come!! :yahoo: I cannot wait to see what bag you order!

PS. I love your signature! That was my favorite line in that movie!


May 29, 2008
Wow. You are truly blessed, gingey! May your giver be equally blessed! :smile:

Maybe it's Ben from HH trying to make up for the poor treatment they've offered you. :nono: :P

I know you will love your gift!


Oct 22, 2008
OMG! I can feel how overwhelmed you are and reading your post, I am as well! I'm so happy for you! kudos to the RAOKer and you as well! I'm sure you'll love the bag. Keep us posted! I'm so glad that you shared this!


Feb 10, 2007
Gingey....such a sweet, wonderful, blessed angel who would do this for you.

It must be karma knowing what you have been going through. You are such a giving person who does so much for others I can't help but know that this is your karma coming back 10 fold.

Forget all the nasty people. You are much loved.:heart:


Jun 6, 2009
GB ... that is wonderful. I was recently fortunate enough to feel overwhelming surprise and gratitude as well!

Oh.... and you better share the design process w us! That's why I love this sf. We get our bag fix through others!!


Jan 18, 2009
Oh, wow, this is amazing! Whoever did this is a pure angel! I really feel bad for you about the "stuff" that's been going on, but I'm so glad you have this to perk you up! :hugs:

Yup, like sk said, do spill about what you're thinking of! Any styles, colours, or even specific leathers that you have in mind? :graucho: