OMG.....I have amazing news!!!

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  1. I just got a call from Tiffany Vancouver, I have an interview next Thursday for a full time position in the Fine Jewellery Department!!!!

    I am soooo excited!

    I just wanted to share with everyone my possible new position and hopefully a move to Vancouver!!!!
  2. OMG!!! Candice that's incredible!! Good luuuuuuuuck!!!
  3. Great news!! Good luck and keep us posted!!
  4. Thanks for sharing your excitement. All the best and let us know how it goes.
  5. thanks etk! I was told they were impressed with my resume so let's hope I get it fingers crossed!

    thanks Mrs TGreen! I will definitely let everyone know how the interview goes next thursday:biggrin:

    will do! I'll make sure to let everyone know how it goes!
    Vancouver is a big move from Toronto, but if I get it it will be sooo worth it! I'm ready for a change of scenery :smile:
  6. Congrats! How exciting! I wish you best of luck!
  7. Wow, how exciting! Maybe you'll be a Tiffany's employee soon... :smile: How great!! I think they get a nice discount ;)
  8. O....m.....g
    Lol seriously I'm excited for you !!!!!!!
  9. Congratulations! The best of luck to you - I'm sure you will do well :smile:
  10. Good Luck! Keep us posted!
  11. How fantastic - good luck!!!
  12. WOW WOW WOW!!! I'm delighted for you! Best of luck!
  13. Woohoo!!!!
  14. thanks everyone!!! I'm so excited :lol: after I got off the phone I ran into my bedroom and called my mom and started jumping on my bed LOL!! I'm going to make a list of things I want to address during the interview and hopefully I'll answer their questions thoroughly as well!

    one of my best friends just moved to Vancouver with her boyfriend so she will be ecstatic if I end up moving there!!!
  15. YES! Could we order jewelry from you, even in the states? :smile:)

    PF hook up's!
    Now get a job at VCA and Cartier too! YAY. ♥ :smile: