OMG, I hate PMS!!!

  1. I'm 38 years old and done having kids... if it weren't for the BAD things that happen from NOT having these female hormones, I would want them GONE!!! I get PMS Moodiness SO BAD sometimes - and today is a PRIME example.

    All day today I have been sad for NO REASON! My life is GREAT right now. Then, I have NO PATIENCE tonight and am quite snippy. I KNOW I'm being unreasonable and this time (unlike some months), I KNOW what it's about, but I CAN'T STOP IT!!!

    That is the most frustrating thing. I KNOW it's just PMS and tomorrow I'll feel 'gross' in another way, but my mood will be fine. Today, I am a sad, impatient $itch... I told DH to warn him and at least his empathetic, but poor DS (the older one - 11). Not quite old enough to "get" that Mama gets in these moods just once a month... Ugh... I hate it!
  2. Hang in there girlie~!.. I'm kinda.. there t:huh:!! Just be sure to give em' the warning signals.... hahaha :feminist:... thank g:huh:dness... it's temporary!
  3. omg im the exact same, i can pin point exactly when im PMSing and i always tell my boyfriend before "that time of the month" so he has some warning. the last time it happened was new years eve, me and my boyfriend had gone out to dinner and when we got home i realized my newly manicured nails were all chipped and ruined right before we were leaving for a new years party, normally i wouldent think THAT much of it but i started crying and freaking out i just couldnt control it. my poor boyfriend diddnt know what to do with me. i apologized after and told him the reason for my episode. thank god i diddnt make us to late for the party or i would have felt even worse.

    i hate pms!
  4. This title definatly caught my eye. For years I had PMDD, I never got the cramps etc but the emotional stuff was terrible. There were times I even thought of ending it, no kidding. I ended up on sarafem which to me only postponed things. Diet has a lot to do with it, not sure what else to tell you but just take it one day at a time, at least you know it will be over in a few days. Just don't be so hard on yourself during those days, if housework doesn't get done, etc. One consulation, now that I'm going there menopause it has completely stopped