OMG I hate Louis Vuitton, never buying again

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  1. Is it just me or is customer service across the luxury board just terrible now?

    Does anyone actually check LV luggage and if so how do you even maintain it?

    I have a pretty impressive collection of LV luggage, some runway pieces and I recently had a Suhali L'Extravagant repaired without problem. But this story is about a monogram duffle.

    Trying to clean out closet and found this monogram sac athleticism that I received as a gift from a boss maybe 6 years ago. It sat in my closet for YEARs until I decided to use it just once on a trip from NYC to Hawaii. I remember the moment I was walking down the street with this thing's strap slung across my shoulder when the buckle holding the strap snapped off and broke. I hadn't even walked two blocks and this thing fell apart on me. Unbelievable. But I couldn't find the metal pin of the strap and was already late to the airport so just got in a cab and checked this bag at the airport.

    I was only staying in one place the entire trip, so it wasn't manhandled once I got to Hawaii and it was checked again to return to NYC and after that the bag was kept in its dust bag.

    So I brought it to an LV store to complain about the fact that this pin of the buckle to the strap broke from not even a lot of weight (just a bunch of cotton clothes, swimsuits, etc) with barely any use on it. The sales representative said obviously this bag has had a lot more wear and tear than that, noting the water spots on the leather handle that must have been from drops of rain when the bag was being brought by baggage handlers to the plane on the return back, and the fact that this is a discontinued model. I reiterated the fact that I used the bag on one trip and that I swear that the buckle broke before I got to the airport, heck practically after I left my front door.

    She just kept implying that I was LYING. That the bag had many years of battered use.Literally this exchange went on for ten minutes, me insisting that it was 1 trip, that a 4k bag should problably endure 1 trip. And she insisted that it was used more than that.

    I assure all of you the bag is in pristine condition except for a scratch on the side, some water spotting on the handle, and this broken buckle. It's been a month and I haven't even heard from them on the status :excl: I wish I could take photos and show you.

    Besides being called a liar by this associate, is it just me or is it insane that a luxury brand built on a legacy of exceptionally well made luggage, wouldn't stand by the quality of their product, especially when it costs at least $3k?

    So I said, listen if you can't even stand by your products design I will just buy my $5000 luggage elsewhere, to which she didn't say anything. Just ignored me. My boyfriend and I were like WELL I GUESS WE'LL JUST NEVER BUY LV AGAIN

    Has anyone else had this problem? I don't even know what to say, if luxury luggage brands can't even stand by the quality of their luggage then what is the point?
  2. So, you checked a Keepall....twice?
  3. Which bag are you talking about? There were two versions of a sac athletisme over the years, but both have been discontinued for over a decade. Do you have a picture?

    I assume that you asked for an estimate to get the bag repaired. What did the SA tell you? How much would it cost?

    yeah, it was a round trip.
  5. I love this bag! It's actually pretty rare. It's from 2003. There was a whole capsule collection with sports bags.
  6. Haha well I decided I'll be putting it on the market after it's repaired and conditioned, now that I associate it with being a called liar I doubt it will get much use from me.
  7. How much did they quote you for the repair?
    Did you leave the bag for repair?
  8. They estimated $150 and they told me that they would let me know what the repair center would say but I haven't heard from them in a month. I should have followed up but have been so busy traveling. Right now I travel with a Rimowa carry on which I'm really happy with. I fly delta premium, not sure if the handlers are gentler or not but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I am pretty certain that whether you fly first class or coach, it makes no difference for the poor baggage handlers!

  10. Hi. I'm sorry to hear you so distressed about this duffel. I understand your frustrations.

    Did the LV boutique accept your duffel and put in a repair order? If they did, then at least you won't have to second guess whether your boss gifted you with an inauthentic bag. That would actually be a good sign, as boutiques will not accept inauthentic bags for repair.

    I know we want to think the best of people who give us gifts, but you certainly wouldn't be the first gift recipient of LV luggage that assumed it was authentic, when it may have been a replica, albeit a well-done knockoff to have gotten past you, since you own other LV luggage that I assume you bought at the LV boutique and are familiar with the quality of an authentic LV.

    I have an LV Keepall duffel. Personally, I would never check it with an airline. It's carry-on size, so even with a snapped strap, it would be better to stow it in an overhead bin. I even watch bellmen in hotels like a hawk when they handle my bags, and I walk with them so I can be sure they aren't abusing my bag en route to the room.

    The snapped strap is problematic, especially if you had not overloaded the bag. Two possible reasons for the snap: dry rotted leather from storage in an attic, for instance, where it's not climate controlled, or a knockoff LV made with inferior leather.

    I hope this helps you reassess the situation. Again, if they accepted the bag for repair at the boutique, that's a good sign that it is indeed authentic. You may have to pay for repairs. I understand that is an expensive lesson to learn: don't trust any airline to check your LV luggage. Unless you're flying private, of course ;)
  11. Bag was definitely authentic, they accepted the bag. My boss was a good friend of Marc Jacobs the designer of LV at the time.
  12. Poor handlers! You're right.
  13. Look at the bright side: $150 for a 13yo very special Louis Vuitton bag, that's pretty reasonable. I hope it comes bag beautiful!
  14. Thank you!! Me Too :biggrin:
  15. Thank you so much, yeah I realize I realize now I need to be so much more careful. I normally only pull these bags out for private travel but I guess at the time I didn't see them hard / hadn't realized the monogram canvas bags were as delicate as that!

    You're the best, thanks :loveeyes: :heart: