omg i HATE holt LV on bloor!!

  1. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    omg omg i am so MAD!
    so i went to bloor LV boutique to buy MC eliza 2day b4 price increase... and i got a colour combo i didnt realli like cuz i want hot pink... they had 1 hot pink one but the back of it was dirty... so i got another one thinking i would like it...
    but then after i got home and decided i still wanted hot pink so i called my SA to ask her about it and she said i could go check holt LV cuz they had a bunch of elizas...
    so i went to holt and the SA showed me 2 elizas... none with the hot pink so i went back to bloor to my SA... i wanted the hot pink one but she looked at the back for me and they tried scrubbing the dirty mark off and it wouldn't come off... plus a black flower was chipped... so my SA kindly called holt LV for me and she tells me there's 8 elizas in stock and if i ask for an SA named kristin, she would show me all 8...
    and so my friends and i left and went to holts but kristin was on break...
    so then the azn lady SA that i HATE (cuz she's always so rude) showed me the bags... she showed me 3... i tell her i wanted one with the hot pink on the front.. and she says "I KNOW... this is all we have" and she wuz SO RUDE! and she only showed me 3 and i knew there wuz 8... so i told her i thought there wuz 8... and she gives me a dirty look and said "he already showed you 3"... and so i tell her nicely... 'he only showed me 2' and so she grabs me ONE more...
    stupid b!tch... she is SOO RUDE! does anybody know her name? i want to file a complaint... she's ALWAYS SO RUDE! and its not like i'm not a paying customer... if i am to spend 1100 on a bag, i would like to have one that i really like!! GRRRRRRRR!!
    she's middle aged, asian lady, long black hair... very snooty :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: ... if anybody can tell me her name it would be MUCH appreciated! thank you!!
    sorry for the long post!
  2. sorry to hear about your story! that is a horrible experience. i hope it works out for you.
  3. Oh, no! I'm sorry that you had a terrible SA experience...seriously, what is going on with bad customer service? This means reporting time...
  4. yes i am SO REPORTING HER! because i am SO MAD!
    and i've never had bad LV experience before...
    when i am at bloor LV i've had 3 different SA's... and all of them are GREAT!
    i'm trying to stick to one though, and i like her because she has excellent memory!
    this is exactly why i hate holt LV... and i know other ppl who has had bad experience with that lady... i don't understand why she is still working!! GRRRRRRRR :cursing:
  5. i hate her too!! lol
  6. Sorry to hear about should defnitely complain! By the way, did you get the pink one you wanted?
  7. sooo sorry sweety I hate it when people give bad service...I love the pink in the MC line black MC is mostly pink which I lucked out...some are not has nice...know what you mean...
  8. how fricken annoying! I hate hearing all this s*it about bad service, because everyone hear pays sooooo much money for handbags, and this lady makes your trip to LV an unpleasant one.. I say call the manager! And start yelling... goodluck, and sorry!
  9. OMG I hate her too. I don't even shop there that often b/c I live in Minneapolis for most of the year. If she left such a strong impression that I know who she is, report her to the LV popo.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I would definitely go to the store again to speak to a manager to explain your poor experience - since it's something that should definitely be considered in the SA's performance.

    Please however refrain from naming SAs in negative experiences. It is essential that we respect Megs & Vlad's forum and do everything we can to prevent them from being held liable under any circumstances.

    Thank you ! :yes:
  11. well if someone know her name, i guess you can directly email chanel princess if its a problem to post her name on this forum. Also, i doubt speaking with a manager help because as i know the manager was present when she dealt with that SA. So chanel princess need to call 1800-vuitton to file a complain, thus name is essential :smile:
  12. ugh that is so annoying I would be steaming by now if I were you
  13. haha i was really mad...
    but luckily there's such thing as tPF for me to share my rage with! =)
    so i am not too mad anymore!! well i would still love to file a complaint about the SA though...

    and smallfry: i did NOT get the hot pink one i really wanted =( they only showed me 6 of the 8 at holt renfrew and NONE of them had a hot pink in the frong! can you believe it :wtf: ... so i picked a dark and light purple combo... such a shame.. i did really love the hot pink! its the one they show on elux!! :crybaby:
  14. oh and here are pics!! :smile:
    P1020327.JPG P1020328.JPG
  15. OMG love your bag is stunning the colours are sooo nice I love love MC:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats on a great bag!!!