OMG, I HATE FedEx! Int'l pkg was Never send, no one contact me either! WT!?

  1. Omg, I am fuming at this time!! Shipped out a 3k+ item 02/08/08 @ fedex staffed location, since i knew int'l pkg needs more from than i can remember, paid 170 s&h fee have it delivered to UK by tonight 6PM(02/14/08, as i told buyer). As I track for est delivery time, it's still sitting in my frigging FedEx!? WTF!? i called the location where I shipped, all the friendlyness went bye bye as soon as I told them the situation 'Ma'am you've sign the air wave bill, which means we are only to 'assist' you but not liable for any shipment delay, it's a liability waiver' 'the package is at our main office, all you have to do is drop by, pay a 10 fee for us to fill out the missing form, and it should be on it's way'......HELLO!? Excuse me, that's the main reason I drop it off at a staffed location so they can let me know all the forms i need to fill out! It's not like I screw up on the the papers they gave me, it was NEVER given to me in the first place! He then went ahead said to me 'there's nothing we can do, you need to go there fill out the missing form if you still want it ship, We are not a Fedex agent, but a kinko agent."

    What's even worse is the Fedex 1800 rep, 'you've sign the air wave bill, we can't be responsibile for any missing forms, it's like a child, we can't hold you ever step of way' WTF!? Had I not called her in BF's place w/his parents in, I'd be screaming on top of my lunge! AARGGHHHH>"< When I sign the dam Airwave form, I was told FedEx is acting on behalf of my to transit the pkg, but not a word or any clue hinting that's a liability waiver form for FedEx. If the location i drop off is 'Kinko' agents, then why the #%(^*#$ they have the right to ask me sign something that's between FedEx and me!?

    I'm shaking at this time, but must go to work and scream my head off in the car, thanks for letting me vent. any help is appreciated.
  2. FedEX, you and I are on!
  3. sorry to hear this, if there's a missing form, why can't they give you a call about it? I mean you've paid $170 for their service! Is fedex just gonna let the package sit there forever? And couldn't they have told you when you handed the package and the forms over? And now they want you to pay $10? That's !@#!#@ indeed!
  4. .....hopefully you're not having any problems with your buyer?
  5. i'm confused...they didnt ship out the package because you didnt sign one form? Shouldn't they be responsible for giving you all the forms you need to sign and stuff? Isnt that what you're paying them to do?
  6. I don't normally ship FedEx, so maybe I am not getting it...but I would think that they should be the ones to tell you what formas are needed and if *they* forgot to give you one, then they should call you and say "hey, you need to come and fill out this form".
  7. gals, I've stationed at fedex kinkos location for over an hour try to figure out THEIR responsibility and how to fill out THEIR internal form. B/c of if the item, the form was missing 'harmonized, sed, int, schedule b' codes which don't make a $(&^#$^ to me. Kinko said 'We are fedex kinko, not fedex' 1800 fedex said every fedex kinko & fedex is equpi the same, which the only difference is their 'professional knowledge' (clearly lacking of)

    I drove across the city to pick the package, 30 min, drove back to the location i drop off, 30 min, spending V-Day @ (#$^ fedex since 2 hours ago and continueing.
    any help is appreciated for those code. thanks!
  8. b/c once the air wave bill was signed, it's their 'liability waiver', yet when confirm w/fedex office and 1800, it NOT the case at all! Basically they just throw some #s at me, hoping I will call instead of them find out how to send out int'l pkg properly. Kinko said 'we've send many int'l pkg, not once we've experience trouble for not having all the codes on form' , while Fedex main office said every int'l pkg must have all the codes or it won't get send at all, like my case. kinko then to blame me for 'incomplete' contact info-missing phone#, but why would their agent accept 'incomplete' forms? even if it's incomplete, why no one send a note to me? we are in the same frigging zip code, it will be less than 2 day to receive a written notice for incomplete forms. yet nothing is done on their part.
  9. appearently that's not what they think. they just collect money and gave you numbers to call when its clearly their error.
  10. hon, i don't have the courage to contact her yet...what's worse, it's my first google checkout, so they actually contact both sides to ensure it was send on & receive on time. i'm still stationed at fedex on V-day night :crybaby: it's soo ON right now :cursing:
  11. the 'agent' is giving me a face for staying here forever, but i don't care if he can't spend V-day w/his SO, cuz I'm not either.
  12. for the record, I've been stationed at fedex for over 3 hours and using my own cell phone to learn their internal processing steps. jerks!
  13. My goodness... is there not a FedEx location near you to take it to? Or can you try a UPS store? Obviously they don't want your business!
  14. i was planting my butt in kinko/fedex location for the past 3 hours. just got back b/c I'm FedUP w/their careless attitude. the guy helped me was ok b/c he sense i'm on the edge of screaming my head off every moment.