OMG I got this in the mail from LV!!

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  1. Okay so I just checked my mail now and I found this in the mailbox:

    11-9-06 006.jpg

    11-9-06 007.jpg

    I was shocked!!! How could I be so lucky!!
  2. What is it?
  3. It's like a catalog
  4. But I have never ordered anything straight from LV, just from Eluxury
  5. Congrats, but, um, what's that? :shame:
  6. Show us the inside!!
  7. Oh, just saw this. :P What kinda catalogue? What's inside?
  8. I guess it's nothing, but it's like a catalog of different LV items. I'm sorry gals, but I was just so excited to get it.
  9. don't be sorry! i'd be excited too. I wish they sent me catalogues! :P
  10. :nuts: I got it a few weeks ago. It's a brief introduction of LV booklet. there's where I got my avatar:graucho: And missypoo don't be sorry I was over the moon as well!:P
  11. Oh that's exciting! I love getting real snail mail and hey, if it has to do with LV it's all good!
  12. i want a catalog!! :smile:
  13. 11-9-06 010.jpg

    11-9-06 011.jpg

    11-9-06 012.jpg

    11-9-06 013.jpg
  14. I don't know if it means anything, but to me it does!! I just had to share my excitement!! I have never received anything like this.
  15. I wanted to share because I was so exited to share with my PF family. Heck knows, that my own family wouldn't understand. LOL!!
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